A winning team

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Sep20, 2017 9:14am America/Phoenix
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A winning team
Pearson Airport, Toronto Ontario Canada. September 20th 2017

Through the glass Tommy watches on as the hordes of people rush to make their flights. Even on a Sunday where the costs are high to fly the airport is still slammed with incoming and outgoing traffic. Tommy Lipton takes a seat at the bar in the VIP lounge as he takes a sip of his beer and waits for his flight to arrive he looks over to the stool beside him where his WWX Tag Team Championship title rests on. He also has a few markers and pens on the bar top assumingly for the purpose of giving autographs to passing fans.  

TL: It has been awhile since I last was in Dublin, I am pretty excited to arrive there and put on a great show for our Irish friends and the millions watching around the world. In fact I was talking to Rex McAllister earlier today and he's more than pumped to head into World Series and fight in Ring 3 to not only excite but entertain the WWX Universe! 

Bar tender: Can I get you another beer Mr. Lipton? 

TL: Just a water now thanks. OH and a shot of bourbon. Helps with the nerves, I have never really gotten comfortable with flying. It's fun to be up in the clouds but all the same I always like having my feet on the ground. 

Tommy looks at his phone and waits for his shot. 
The bar tender delivers and Tommy raises the glass. 

TL: To a successful night at World Series! 

He takes the drink and places the glass down. 

TL: So in a matter of days the gladiators of WWX will take to their respective rings and do battle for all their fans. Some of us will be cheered and some will be welcomed with boos... it will be loud as WWX fans are the loudest fans ever. Can't wait! Rex and I will meet up in Ireland where we will start organizing our strategy for the series and we will get ready to take 420 and the Blade Club. I have been away a lot lately and absent from your television sets or which ever device you watch on ... as I have been training very hard to do battle and earn my spot in the Main Event of Hall of Pain. 

Tommy grabs the water glass and takes a swig. 

TL: Krimzon Blaze aka Panasonic can discuss how we should all worry about him being in the ladder match... But i ask him why? You are looking at the man who was one of the last two men standing in last year's World Series... And if we want to talk about extreme ladder matches I think I've more than done my fair share...  do I look worried about Blaze? Nope! Not one bit. In fact I have personal dislike for the man after I saw to it he wasn't screwed way back when he captured his first ever WWX title and how did he repay me? With utter disrespect. As the GM I made sure to do my best to stop outside interference from happening but it is what it is.... I have a solid fist that's wanted to meet his face for quite sometime. 
The other man in last year's Series who beat me is none other than Syndy and should Syndicate defeat Darkness we will finally have that long over due title match that I know the WWX Universe has been craving. 
Syndicates called himself a God, he's said he is WWX... Mr. WWX may need to call him up on that once and for all. 

Tommy flips through the food menu and drops a finger over an item on the page and the bar tender comes over to him. He sees at what Tommy is pointing to and nods.

TL: and then there's Darkness... A man who claims to have one day been a top player in our gladiator games.... He is here trying to reach again for the stars... he will face Syndicate and he will look to secure himself at the top of the mountain before heading into the grandest stage of them all as the WWX Champion. If that happens and he and I are set to meet... Will he finally beat Tommy Lipton or will we have a repeat of the last time he and I faced off one on one. I'm sure a part of him is itching to face me and to finally score that pin fall over Tommy Lipton! 

Tommy looks at his phone for a moment and then looks to be typing a quick message and sets the phone back down.

TL: But enough about these dudes as we have a girl, the TV Champion taking to the battlefield. Hex Girl who has done so much to represent the strength of women has a chance to do what has never been done before in the history of the World Wrestling Xistence... That is to win World Series and to Main Event Hall of Pain to possibly capture the WWX title. 
She is joined by many others who want to secure that gravy spot at Hall of Pain! Many will try but unfortunately only one will succeed... the One and Only Tommy Lipton is who I'd put your money on this year ladies and gents... For Rex and I will be victorious in our ring and I will advance to take on the what will no doubtfully become an epic ladder match and my journey to Hall of Pain will officially begin! 

Tommy leans back in the chair. He takes a moment and then leans forward and smiles. 

TL: Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton are not a flash in the pan, we have done something special with the tag division, we gave it life and we have really added to its purpose. Over the past 9 months we have had some really exciting coverage over the division. Some unique matches and we proved that two men that usually are lone wolves can coexist... WAIT... We did far more than just coexist.... We became a team, one of the strongest teams to ever Grace the WWX! 

Tommy looks to that bar keep. 

TL: Rum and coke.

The bar tender delivers the drink and Tommy stirs it with the small straw.

TL: For many years I have been considered thoughtless, just out for myself kinda guy. Darkness, James Ranger, and many others have called me selfish, not a team player and more... Yet here I am almost one year partnering with Rex McAllister... holding gold with one hell of a talented man! No one's stabbed the other in the back, and as for team playing, hell we are the poster boys for it! It's ironic that we represent the tag team division as it's one and only champions at a baseball themed pay per view. The ball teams that win the World Series are the ones that have solid team play and chemistry. Rex and I both have that, just like those winning ball teams the McAllister-Lipton tandem is a winning team too. We understand each others skill and value and that's what differs us from two random mashed together. These other two teams joining us in Ring 3 haven't really done a great job in the past but all the same we still expect to have a hard fight in front of us.
We are a team and together we will win our ring and I will advance with the support of Rex McAllister to the final ring, there I will climb the ladder and the McAllister-Lipton tandem will be victorious! 

V/O: All passengers heading to Dublin Ireland please head to Gate 3.

Tommy drinks the rum and coke. He places the glass down and grabs his bag and title... he stands up.

TL: We Are Coming!


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