A WWX May Give Away Idea

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On Sat, Apr29, 2017 4:38pm America/Phoenix
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A WWX May Give Away Idea
I would like some feedback on this.

In May, I am thinking we might Giveaway some WWE network Gift cards or just WWE Shop Gift cards.

I could just have everyone in WWX Facebook join if they have been active recently or I was considering Every WWX Star who has a Match in May and Rped at least Once is entered. I am a little worried about people with Multiple Wrestlers not being honest. But I am willing to trust we can work that out.

What does everyone think?

You can respond on this post or Email me at M_baird@ymail.com


Sounds like a great idea. - Brad (Giant Khoklov & Sophistication Army) ~ Brad

Let's see it happen! ~ MooreE3282

gimme free stuff! lol jk but yeah totally love the idea ~ FUNZO

I'd be open to something like this. Sign me up! ~ Syndicate

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