Ad Victorem Spolias

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Fri, Jun30, 2017 8:44pm America/Phoenix
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Ad Victorem Spolias
[The camera opens up showing the mayhem stage built and ready for action. The fans are all in their seats anxiously awaiting what might happen at the start of the show. They all continue to talk amongst themselves as the lights in the arena go out. Mixed reactions are spread throughout the crowd as a humming sound begins emitting from the speakers. Soon after, a snare drum begins to tap as four men in their dress blues step out from behind the curtain. A spotlight shines on them as  they continue to play the beat for a few moments and abruptly stop. Soon after, a group of men walk out onto the stage, armed with rifles. The fans come silent as the men all follow their commander, spreading out across the stage. The commander stands in front of them as the men stand at attention, each one standing still their rifles by their sides. The Commander pulls his sword out and dictates them to turn and face].

Commander: Gentlemen, Ready...Aim...Fire!

[The seven men pull their guns to the air and fire off a single shot, echoing through the arena. They return to their stance, holding their guns at the ready].

Commander: Ready...Aim...Fire!

[Another shot in rung off as the men once again return to their alignments].

Commander: Ready...Aim...Fire!

[The seven men lower their guns to their sides as the commander raises his hand in the salute position. Everyone continues to remain quiet as the lights go out. When they turn back on, all the men that were previously placed are gone. The fans stand confused as the lights turn out once more. The tron lights up with a single cross as it slowly rises down in the middle. Swinging from a chain, the camera continues to catch it coming down as the light moves down towards the stage. The familiar Johnny Cash "Hurt" can be heard blaring over the pa system as the fans give mixed reactions. The camera stays on the stage but no one seems to be coming down. It pans around to the ring where another cross can be seen coming down, landing itself in the middle of the ring. Strapped to it, a man in black unhooks himself and jumps off, staring down the face of the fans. He slowly rolls back his hood and smiles at them, all unsure what to do. The music slowly fades as Rayne stands in the ring, his championship hanging off his shoulder].

Rayne: A twenty one gun salute, beautiful...wasn't it?

[The fans give mixed reactions as he shakes his head in approval].

Rayne: Generally, those types of ceremonys are given after special events of someone passing. Seven men walk out and all fire their weapons, simultaneously, sending off shots into the air as a sign of respect for the fallen. Now, most of you are sitting in your chairs right now stuffing your face with nachos and thinking to yourselves, one has died yet. Why would you do that? I did that to prove a point here tonight. I did it to prove to each and every one of you that one of us has come here tonight ready for anything. One of us has come here tonight ready to do whatever it takes in order to walk out with this championship. ONE OF US...IS READY...TO DIE FOR IT.

[Rayne looks around at the fans, a sick smile covering his face].

Rayne: I see you all staring. I see your gears turning each and every second as you are all asking yourselves "Is it really worth that?" "It is really worth your life for fifteen pounds of gold?" The answer to that is as simple as each of you...yes. You see, I came back this time around to validate to myself that I was still one of the top performers, the best in the world. I have went week to week, show to show, and proven that very thing. Just a few short weeks ago, I was going to take my seeking of vengeance one step further by taking out a man that I have spoken ill of prior. Then, that whole plan went to sh*t when a group of then nobodies came in known as the blade club and stuck their nose where it didn't belong. They came and attacked me ending what would have been my long awaited title reign. Now, here we are, a few weeks later..and I am facing their leader. 

[Rayne drops his head for a moment looking down at the belt].

Rayne: This past week, you have heard all about the things my opponent intended to do to me, up to and including basically saying that he has this match already won before even coming out here. He has trashed me, tried to play his own twisted mind games, and thought that he was going to get the upper hand of me. He accused me of trying to "sink my teeth into something he says" just to try and keep myself relevant. While I appreciate the gesture, I don't need your words, ideas, thoughts, or anything else you have to offer. The only things that I intend to take from you here tonight are things that I have already asked for, your blood, your sweat, and if it comes to it, your soul. How this plays out depends on what you want to make it. 

[Rayne paces around the ring, and walks over grabbing hold of the ropes and pulling back on them].

Rayne: Tonight is going to be something that will go down in history as one of the greatest matches in WWX. I am not saying that because I am in it. I am not saying that because one of the best up and coming rookies in this business is stepping in the ring with me. I am saying this because I know that when the two of us go head to head, anything is possible. I can only hope that Archer will stay true to his word and leave the club out of this, however, everyone has to have an insurance policy. This business is one not built on trust, I can attest to that. Fill trusted me with his life, and in an instant, I took it all away. *Laughs*

[The fans begin to boo loudly as Rayne puts on a smirk].

Rayne: When this war is over, and tonight will be the end of it one way or another, two men will be laying on this mat, bloodied, broken, and defeated. One of us will be defeated via pinfall, submission, or knockout. The other, will be defeated in spirit because of the emotional toll that this is going to take on both of us. While Archer seems like he has a hard exterior, one simply cannot fathom that after last week, this match will be any different. Like I Had mentioned prior, he thinks that its a walk in the park due to the fact that I had people injure me last time. I had more fights going on at once than I was ready for. I had people to slow me down, and I just kept coming back. This time around, I stand face to face with you in one of the greatest nights of my life. I said this week was going to be of my redemption. It is starting with darkness, and ending with you. 

[Rayne walks to the ropes and leans over them looking at the top of the stage].

Rayne: You are the only other wrong that I need to focus on making right this time around. You are the one who stopped me from my title reign, cut it short. You are the other half of this belt, and we both know that this Cinderella story can only go on for so long. One of us has to lose. Someone has to give this one away and it wont be easy for either one of us to do that. But I can promise you this. You will get the best of me. You will get everything that I have left to give in this match. Like a poker match, I am all in. The chips are all on the table. You can say whatever you want about me. Continue to talk about how I betrayed fill, make puns about me, do whatever you need to help you sleep at night. Because tonight, when you step into the ring with me, you are going to face every fear that you have ever thought to be true. You are going to swallow hate, fear, despair, and finally...loss. My championship is tainted with your blood, and I intend to make sure it stays that way. MY CHAMPIONSHIP...YOUR BLOOD! *Laughs* Archer, the guns are primed. The stage is set. The moon is full. And the stars have aligned. The time has come. I AM THE ARCH ANGEL! You have been judged, and I intend to assist in helping you serve the punishment. Its the Rayne...and every one of you are going to feel it. 

[Rayne throws the mic down as he walks to the center of the ring. He straps himself back up to his cross and stairs into the camera, his face something unseen. He can be heard yelling something].

Rayne: To the victor, the spoils!

["Hurt" begins blaring over the pa system as he rises up into the darkness of the rafters. The scene fades to black].

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