Addressing unfairness

Roleplay Roleplay by EMILY WATERS
On Sun, Jun03, 2012 5:51am America/Phoenix
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Addressing unfairness
[We see Emily Waters laying on a queen-size bed. Her legs have obviously been shaven earlier that night, and she is wearing a short black skirt with a sexy black bra, and gold high heels. Her sword is laying beside her on the other bed. She's constantly feeling her legs, obviously enjoying the soft feeling]

Emily: Hmmm... Finally, joy has come back to this life...

[She notices the camera]

Emily: Would you mind giving me some private time?

Cameraman: *mumble mumble*

Emily: I don't care. I need my private time as well. Ah well, I might as well take this opportunity to discuss the things the "fans" want me to discuss...

[She picks up her sword]

Emily: First of all, the attack at Ravage. Now I could get all angry about it and try to find out who it was that attacked me. However, I know from experience that eventually the attacker will be revealed. Moreover, I couldnīt give a damn who attacked me. This wasnīt the first time I got knocked out, and itīs sure as hell not the last time, so I might as well get used to it.

[She runs her hand along the blade]

Emily: No, there is one thing that interests me more... Why am I not booked in the match for the Women's Championship? I've considered all possibilities. Am I not active enough? Well, "Ms. Layla O'Malley" isn't half as active as I am here in the WWX. Am I not experienced enough? After all, I haven't had a single match yet. But that's not it either.

[She keeps feeling the blade]

Emily: You see, Caalie Thunder has just as little wrestling experience here as I do. However, I've been knocked out here, plus, once again, I am way more active.

[She lays the sword back on the bed besides her]

Emily: But, since I have another match, I might as well get to work on that.

[She pauses for a moment]

Emily: Leah Morgana... What a name. And no experience in WWX. I can see that clearly; no activity. She's probably afraid of me, like all women. Leah, I will start making the women's division better, and I'll start by completely crushing you. No mercy. And when I'm done with you...

[Emily gets her sword again]

Emily: I want my title shot.


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