After Ravage

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Tue, Dec05, 2017 9:42am America/Phoenix
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After Ravage
{{Backstage at Ravage following the evenings successful show the cameras locate Tommy Lipton who looks to be finishing talking with fellow coworkers. Tommy looks over at the cameras and smiles as he walks over.}}

Tommy: Well I'm glad you stopped by. So you caught this evenings show correct? You saw Tommy Lipton head down that ramp with purpose and beat on Rex without a second thought winning the match in style right? If you didn't you missed out on a good ol' fashion asswhooping! NOW I am not at all bragging! 

{{Tommy shakes his head. Waves his index finger}}

Tommy: When we first met, Rex took advantage of a man who really didn't want to fight him, he then underestimated me for tonight's match and maybe he thought perhaps I'd be hesitant again but I was not, he wanted to face the mastermind, the opportunist, the great Tommy Lipton! That's what he said last week so that's exactly what I gave him. No mercy, no friendship, no second thoughts... I was coming to win and I wasn't going to stop the assault on him till he was down and out! He didn't even know what was happening till it was all over and the ref counted the three! The difference is I did not disrespect him and walk away mid match to gloat how I did him a favor, nope I pinned him and took my earned victory and taught him a lesson instead, don't EVER count me out! 

{{Tommy moves closer to the camera...}}

Tommy: BUT did you see what happened after the match was over?  where once again I allowed for Rex and my past friendship to take over my emotions, where I dropped my guard for the first time tonight and...BAM

{{Tommy claps his hands together}}

Tommy: Just like that Rex locked me up in a submission! Well his message was heard and felt and completely received!  This next Ravage I will come to look at finishing what I started tonight. I will not drop my guard before, during, or even afterwards. I will look to win my third match and advance towards regaining MY WWX Championship! 

{{Tommy wipes his face with a towel and grabs a water out a near by cooler. He cracks it open and flushes his face with it and takes a long swig from the bottle and then uses the towel to dry his face again}}

Toomy: Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton were the best of the best in 16/17, we owned the tag division... anyone who opposed us we disposed of. No joke when I say we probably were the best team to ever grace the tag division. At least in recent years. But the day of the pleasantries between he and I are now a past thought.
 I know already that Rex feels he's the reason for my gloryfilled year as a tag champ... The truth is teaming with a legend is self explanatory... So although he wants to pat himself on the back and act like he carried me... really he didn't. Tonight he learned the hard way why I am a Legend.

{{Tommy shakes his head and smirks.}}

Tommy: So Rex McAllister can come out this week and he can continue talking the trash talk but next week I'll take my third W and walk away as your soon to be NEXT Undisputed... Champion!
I Am Coming! 


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