After the Mayhem ends..

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After the Mayhem ends..
[Sarah Jackson is on microphone duty, wearing casual attire consisting of black denim skinny jeans and a simple tight white t-shirt that hugs her lady lumps when Ezra Zion struts into view with that cocky swagger we have come to expect from the Blade Club, looking the interview lady up and down..]

Sarah Summers, looking hot as usual, just like this hot, humid, horrible California weather.

Sarah: We have been over this before. The name is Sarah JACKSON..

[The diamond engagement ring sparkles as she holds it up which gets a smirk out of Ezra Zion.]

-E-Z- I am sorry miss Jackson, I am for real.

[Did he really just quote an outkast song?]

Sarah: It is MRS.. and you know it is. Now if you don’t mind I’d like to do my job so can we please keep this professional? 

[Ezra Zion shrugs both shoulders and gives that “maybe” look then suddenly lifts both hands up, taking a step back as Blayde Archer walks into view from the other side, covered and drenched in blood as it drips off his body leaving drops that stain the concrete floor.]


Oh, I’m sorry. Am I interrupting this little, flirt fest?

[Ezra Zion goes to speak and is immediately cut off by Blayde Archer staring daggers through him.]

SILENCE! I don’t want to hear it.. You ALL seen what happened out there..

[He slowly wipes the crimson mask away from his own face and glares into the camera with a fiery intensity of anger and hostility as he continues his verbal tirade.]

What happened on Mayhem? Smells fishier than the dumpster outside of red lobster. We took Rayne out, permanently! He will never, EVER come back again, you got that?! The Arch Angel’s career is DEAD!! 

[The interviewer pulls the microphone back and bravely asks a question.]

Sarah: Are you trying to convince me? Or yourself..

[Archer’s eyes widen with rage. He slowly runs both hands through his hair and takes a slow, deep breath to cool down and regain his composure then grabs the interviewers arm, pulling the microphone closer.]

Look, I don’t know what happened out there. Maybe 420 decided to get us back after that innocent, harmless ribbing prank we gave them a few weeks back... or perhaps it was the Lipton-McAllister tandem? They were obviously salty about us costing them the tag team titles and for good reason. Truth is we left a lot of bodies laying since our arrival and pissed off even more in the process. So we have more than our fair share of enemies here in WWX but hey, we didn’t come here to make friends. We are here to make money and win titles. We are here to take over and run the SHIZOW! Plain and simple. We are here to set the wrestling world on fire and watch it burn to the ground! We are engaging in gorilla warfare and we are playing for keeps! Does that make us terrible people?

Sarah: Yeah, kind of.

No! That is the correct response sugar |BLEEP| because the ends justify the means.. We are not going to sit back and “take a number” or ‘wait in line” while watching less deserving ”talent” get the push we deserve and steal the spotlight where we shine brightest. WWX lines up the bowling pins and we strike down the competition! The Club had played a perfect game going on the score sheet and some sneaky bastard hiding in the production truck or in the rafters or wherever the hell he was hiding ruined it all with a gutter ball!

[Archer turns and topples the nearby catering table in a fit of anger then snaps his head back at the camera with a deadly glaring stare that slowly lightens as a soft smirk appears..]

.. Fill… you lucky some bitch! You are one tough Bulgarian.. I will give you that. Tougher than anyone gave you credit for, including me.. A mistake that I promise you will never be made again but to be honest? This is the Fill that I wanted, that WWX needs.. Not the stressed out kid who wants to make friends and is afraid of his shadow but the MAN who will be ready for war and risk his own health without fear. He may have been blessed with a tainted win by technicality but Fill knows just like everyone who watched knows that he did not BEAT me! All you did Fill is prolong the pain and punishment that you will continue to feel.. 

[The female reporter interjects herself once again and attempts to get the interview back on track.]

-Sarah Jackson- 
Now if I can be serious for a minute… We are going to be In Calgary (extended pause) Alberta, Canada. Home of several great wrestling technicians throughout the years. This will be where all three members of the Blade Club team up to take on Jake Devine, Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook, better known as the infamous tag team known simply as 420. Given what went down on Mayhem.. how will this affect your mentality and mindset going into this important main event match up?

Jake Devine has come a long ways since scratching records on two turntables and a microphone. 420? They have done it all in the tag team ranks but these three men will not gel as a collective unit like the Blade Club. We are a vicious, violent, dangerous cohesive unit who think and act on the same wave length. We know each others tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. That is how we always put ourselves in the best possible scenario to achieve victory. This is our opportunity to showcase what the Blade Club can do against three of WWX’s best on the main event stage. Where we deserve to be..

[Blayde Archer abruptly walks off with Ezra Zion and the camera following in tow as they turn the corner and enter the trainers room where the Juggernaut Justice Johnston is shown on the trainers table watching a replay of the blindside attack that took place on Mayhem on a small monitor while holding an ice pack over his left eye that he lowers to reveal a blackened and swollen left eye from the brass knuckles used on him by the former tag team champs, the Lipton-McAllister Tandem.]

-E-Z- and BLADE-

[Zion and Archer walk into the trainers room, abruptly throwing the trainer out.]

That is one helluva shiner you got there, Jumbo.. Costing McAllister and Lipton the tag gold? That was the wake up call these boys needed, a reminder as to why nobody should ever sleep on the Blade Club. We are younger, hungrier, highly talented and motivated individuals climbing up the ranks and the food chain at neck breaking speeds so the former champs thought to themselves, we can’t let these guys pass us by and steal the spotlight away  because they will never give it back and guess what Tommy Teabagger and Rexy Ruby-doo?  You both would be quite correct with that assumption. We are the big money draw that put these overweight “smart mark” asses in every seat, from the front row to the nose bleeds..

[Ezra Zion and Blayde Archer watch the replay footage of the Lipton-McAllister attack with Johnston.]

Look at that passion. That intensity. That fury. I think we woke up a pair of sleeping giants and lit a fire under their asses boys all while reminding them along with everyone watching just why they should never overlook the Club. Nobody can hang with us. We are three of thee most ruthless, violent competitors to ever step foot into the WWX ring with untouchable talent and of course ruggedly handsome good looks to boot..

[Justice Johnston removes the ice pack over his blackened and swollen eye to flash a bloody smile.]


[The Juggernaut spits up a loose tooth into his Tabaco spit cup as the camera focuses on the Hebrew Hitman.]

Gary Tinordi, Matt Glazebrook and  Jake Devine.. Who will it be? Which of you three will taste sweet defeat? Can Jake Devine TRUST 420? Or maybe, just maybe.. this will be the night when the Blade Club grows larger by adding one of the best tag teams in WWX history to OUR team. At any given time, Jake Devine could find himself left alone on an island with three blood thirsty sharks coming to feast on his carcass. Think about it Jake. Can you truly trust your partners on Mayhem? Because the Blade Club? We ALWAYS have each others back while you just might end up on yours by the end of the night, Jakey. Some food for thought to sleep on tonight. 

[Ezra Zion shoots a wink into the camera as his hand covers the lens, sending the picture to black.] 

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