After World Series

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sat, Sep30, 2017 8:31am America/Phoenix
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After World Series
The scene opens up in the back locker room. The building is pretty much empty except for some of the WWX crew cleaning and packing up. Tommy sits in a folding steel chair holding an ice pack to his shoulder and behind him at the locker is a gym bag and his Tag Title. 

TL: Once again I get so very close but the wrestling gods decide to deny the one and only Tommy Lipton of having a World Series main event victory. I have to admit I really thought this was going to be the year and to have been able to go against my old friend and at one point enemy, Darkness, Oh that would have been wild. He and I both talked tonight and we are disappointed we cannot highlight Hall of Pain together BUT I wish him luck against Korath and I wish him the best as the new WWX Champion. It is good to see my old stable member succeed at World Series and listen it's not like I failed. The McAllister-Lipton tandem did what we said we would do and that was win our ring. We said that 420 and the Blade Club wouldn't be able to take us down and they didn't! Afterwards I fought the good fight in Ring 5 and all in all it was a pretty epic show! I think the fans are glad they came out for this one as the fans were the real winners... 

Tommy leans down and grabs a water bottle and he pours it over his head and then takes a drink.

TL: So what's next? The Tag Team Division appears to be at its end... the McAllister-Lipton Tandem did come, did save the division and did all that we could do... this past year has seen some of the greatest moments in Tag Team history... but at the same time we're so hard to beat that not many wanted to jump into the ring with us. The division was to end a year ago and we gave it a year of added life but it is time we start to move on. The Tag Division was only part of what needed saving. At Hall of Pain The McAllister-Lipton Tandem will put to rest the Tag Gold... Will we walk into the grandest stage of them all and retire the belts gracefully or will a team decide to stand up and give the Tag Division an epic battle for one night only? ... Is there even a team that's strong enough or tough enough to give the McAllister-Lipton tandem a decent final tag team bout worthy of the grand stage?  Rex and I do not believe so. it's time we look at other divisions and right now I think that the International and World championship divisions better be put on notice... 



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