Afternoon Workout

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 12:16pm America/Phoenix
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Afternoon Workout
The camera opens to Jake Devine's personal New York gym. Ratchet by Bloc Party is playing on the sound system. The camera moves in deeper through the gym, to find a shirtless Jake running on a treadmill. He's wearing green shorts and Adidas shoes. Jake looks to the camera and waves with a smile. He's already working up some sweat.

Jake: Hello, WWX Universe! You caught me just in time for my afternoon workout. Being in this shape takes up a lot of effort, you know. And I need to be in the best shape possible for Fury: Night of Champions at Madison Square Garden.

Jake points out the window to his back. The camera shifts to...buildings, mostly. The Garden is not visible. The camera moves back to Jake, who shrugs.

Jake: Oh. Yeah. You can't really see it from here. Forgot about that detail. But it's out there, yeah. And that's where I will be working this Friday, on a match for the WWX Undisputed World championship. The first on my career. I made a video talking about my opponent last night, so I could see how cocky he is.

Jake stsrts to laugh, breaking his pace.

Jake: Oh, Syndicate. It amazes me how gullible you are. I made that video just. For. You. And you went there and took the bait! I'm impressed, really. You are just like a baby. You see, I know you well, as much as you know me. And I knew that with the right words, I could extract as much information from you as I wanted. I hate you this, you ruined my career that, something about finally defeating you. And guess what? It worked perfectly!Now, let's check your latest promo, shall we?

Jake stops running, and slides away from the treadmill. He takes a remote controller and plays Syndicate's video promo on a large television hanging on the wall. He speeds up the video until a point.

Jake: And...there!

"...I know you, Jake.  I know that you can't beat me. I may..."

Jake pauses the video, and leans against the wall.

Jake: There. First of all, and probably the most important piece of information. Syndicate, you underestimate me. You are sure that I can't beat you. I won't disrespect you. You are, indeed, the best wrestler out there in that locker room. And if there's something as big as your skill, it's your ego. That's your main fault.

Jake turns off the television and pockets the remote, walking through the gym and stopping in front of the pull-up bar.

Jake: If you are on the top, you must fall. And for you to fall, someone has to prove themselves worthy to dethrone you. Kurtis. Steen. Darkness. I have beaten each and every single one of them. And so have you. Over the last year, you have improved a lot. Without a doubt. And so have I. We're on the same level now.

Jake jumps, grabbing the bar. He starts to move up and down.

Jake: The main difference between you and me,  however, is that I learned how to be humble. How to spot what was dragging me down and fix it. I learned how to control my own ego and not be cocky, something that you, apparently can't do. Do I blame everything on you? No. Not anymore. I realized, long ago, that it was all my own doing. And so I worked on it. You say that I was waiting for the opportunity to come to me. Heh. You couldn't be any more wrong, my friend. I was working on it all the time. You became the WWX World champion. I became the Television champion. And while you stayed at the top, I worked my way up the rankings. All the way up to you. Everything I did for the last year, was leading up to this very moment.

Jake drops from the bar and wipes the sweat from his forehead.

Jake: I don't hate you, Syndicate. Not anymore. There's only one thing I think about you now. That you are my next opponent, and you are what's between me and the WWX Undisputed World championship.  That is all. To accomplish my childhood dream, I must defeat you. And then, all my hard work will be rewarded.

Jake takes a fighting stance and throws quick punches in the air. He then takes a sip from his water bottle.

Jake: Remember the place. Madison Square Garden. Fury: Night of Champions. That's the place where a boy from Manhattan will finally accomplish his childhood dream. That's the place you will finally learn not to underestimate me anymore, Syndicate. That's the place where Jake Devine will climb the final step and become World champion. So. Be sure to keep up your midnight workouts. I want you to give it your all. Or else, it won't count for me.

Jake drinks from his bottle again and walks away from the camera. Barbell sounds can be heard on the background. The last shot is that of the Manhattan skyline from his window, as the camera fades to black.

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