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On Thu, Feb22, 2018 12:06pm America/Phoenix
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Scene opens overlooking the skyline of Lincoln Nebraska from the north. The sky is gray, and the air is briskly cold. The camera starts following highway thirty-four into town passing Memorial Stadium, and the Marriot before coming up to the “Lincoln Journal Star” building.

He walks into the building to see co-workers looking at him as he enters. People go back to work quickly as they don’t want to be the one caught staring at him. Jarvis with a smug look on his face continues through the lobby and down a hallway to his office. Jarvis opens the door and walks in to his desk. Pulling out the chair from under his desk he takes a seat and scoots in. He opens his briefcase that he previously put on his desk. He takes a few papers out before closing the briefcase and putting it on the floor. He is about to put pen to paper as there is a knock.

Jarvis: Come in.

The door opens and Jarvis’s boss walks in and closes the door behind him.

Boss: Hey Jarvis, how are you today?

Boss takes a seat in one of the chairs in front of Jarvis’s desk.

Jarvis: Meh, been better.

Boss: I saw “Aftershock” the other night. I was really excited about running your win in the papers Sunday, but….

Jarvis: Yea, that didn’t happen obviously.

There is a moment of silence.

Jarvis: Is there anything I can do for you Boss?

Boss: I just came in to see how things were.

Jarvis looks down and writes a few words before looking back up to his boss.

Jarvis: Actually, I’m pretty busy right now Boss. 

Boss: Oh, ok. I’ll let you be then, sorry.

Jarvis looks back down at the paper and begins to write again as his boss gets up and walks out of Jarvis’s office closing the door behind him. He returns to writing before his phone rings. He says a few choice words and slams his pen down on the table. He picks up the phone and puts it to his ear.

Jarvis: This is Jarvis!!

Jarvis talks on the phone for a few moments before hanging up the phone and again starts to write on the paper Suddenly there is a knock at his door. He slams the pen down again on his desk, picks up the paper and balls it up and slams it in the trash.

Jarvis: F*cking chr*st! Enter!!

The door opens up to reveal Summer walking through it. She walks towards him as he stands up to hug and kiss her. She walks back around the desk and sets in the same chair his boss did.

Summer: Sounds like your having a shitty day already.

Jarvis: Just pissed still about the weekend. The TV title was suppose to be mine, and Jake shouldn’t have got passed me. 

Summer: Yes, but none of that happened. So now, move forward and get another shot at the title.

Jarvis cocks his head and chuckles

Jarvis: Did you see who I am facing this week? Just the biggest person on the roster, Korath! 

Summer: So now that you have lost, your going to come up with excuses? 

Jarvis: No, I am not coming up with excuses. I’m just saying this guy is huge! 

Summer: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Right?

Jarvis: I suppose. I’m going into the match knowing I’ll get the win, but going to take some outsmarting with this almost four hundred pound man to win. I would rather face Damien Price again to get my momentum back.

Summer: Sure that would be fine and, well, easy. I think this is a great challenge for you to get back on your winning ways. That was your first title shot, and Crusade Cup in your young WWX career. So cheer up baby!

Jarvis: Thanks love. I was just excited to get the “W” at Aftershock. But, like you said. Time to move forward and concentrate what is in front of me. 

Summer smiles and Jarvis as they both stand up. Jarvis walks around the desk and hugs and kisses Summer once again before Summer turns and walks out of the office closing the door behind her. Jarvis walks back around his desk and sets back down. He picks up his pen again and grabs another sheet of paper and starts to write….

“Dear Korath,

My name is Jarvis Valentine and as you should know by now you and I have a match at the next Ravage. I’m sure you know I am coming off a two loss night, something I didn’t for see one bit, but nonetheless it did. You, Korath, are coming off a win against Darkness, half of the tag team champs.

So, momentum is clearly on your side going into our match, But, don’t underestimate me Korath.You may be near seven foot tall, and almost four hundred pounds. But, do you have enough drive? You coming off a win have nothing to prove right away to your qwest. Me on the other hand, have everything to prove. I need to show people that I can rebound after taking losses like I did. I need to show people that my early wins were not fluke wins. I need to prove that I am a person who should not be overlooked. 

I don’t care what it takes big man, but I will be dropping you, and I WILL be getting the “W” in our match. Everyone will see how I rebound. And everyone will believe after Ravage!”

Jarvis puts down the pen nicely this time. He reads over his letter before folding it up and putting it in a envelope. He licks the flap and seals it. Picks up the pen again and writes on the front of the envelope. He stands up and walks to his door and opens it and sets it in th4 outgoing mail as the scene fades. 

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