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On Tue, Nov07, 2017 7:25pm America/Phoenix
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(A view of a cloudy sky suddenly snaps into view, and the camera tilts to show a less-than-flattering low angle of Kurtis Ray's face. He is standing on a street near a Starbucks, and is apparently watching for traffic. He glaces down at his camera, grinning.)

KURTIS: What up, Universe? Welcome to Albany! In a few days the Stegeman Colliseum will host the return of Ravage. Not only that, it will host a clash for the ages, between former best pals Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister. It'll host a match between Bob "The Beast" Mellon and Hex Girl. It'll host at least ten minutes of yammering from Mr. Race for the Case himself, Xavier Pendragon. LuAndre Xavier vs Willie Steen. Oh, and then there's me facing off against Rayne's Bulgarian sidekick, Fill.

(Kurtis looks up again, momentarily distracted as he walks along, until the edge of a different building comes into view. The former champ keeps walking, smiling at people who greet him as he walks past.)

KURTIS: Now I know you guys like Rayne, and I know you guys like Fill. And to be honest, after watching Fill's video, I'm begrudgingly impressed. Dude is pretty well spoken and overall unoffensive. Didn't jump right to 'you don't matter' or 'I'm going to destroy you.' Admirable. Of course, our pal Fill DID make one mistake.

(Kurtis stops again, looking up as he glances and forth before dashing forward. His attention turns back to the camera in short order, his expression remaining loose and an air of confidence about him.)

KURTIS: It seems to me like you were implying you weren't overly interested in this match. Or me, for that matter. DOn't care to find anything out about me, I can forgive that. I imagine most of the people here aren't familiar with what I did before I got here. But your whole thing was kind of rude, and I don't feel like I did anything to deserve that. Yes, I won the title and yes, I lost it back to Syndicate. Who gives a damn? You'd rather focus on the tag team tournament with Rayne. I understand that.

(Kurtis raises a Starbucks cup, taking a drink of whatever is inside, hunching up against the weather but continuing to walk along.)

KURTIS: See Fill, you're right about me and you're wrong about me. It doesn't matter what you do know or you don't know about me. I know enough about you to get by. I know you're from Bulgaria. I know you're a former world champ, a former International champ, a former tag champ, former TV champ. I know you and Rayne are a pretty good tam. When Worlds Collide. Pretty clever. Thing is, knowing that doesn't change anything. I could run off your whole move list, I could name the city you hail from or whatever, but it doesn't prove anything and it doesn't change anything.

(Kurtis snorts, taking another drink from his coffee, looking up again for a moment before turning his attention back to the camera.)

KURTIS: What does matter, Fill, is that you're writing this match off as unimportant. No match is unimportant. And whether you care to find out more about me or not, you're about to become intimately familiar with the Hype Train. And when I put you in the mat for that one-two-three, you'll know how it actually feels when worlds collide. And having your buddy Rayne in your corner isn't going to make any difference, cause if he sticks his nose in our match, I'll put him in the mat too. You hear me, Rayne? You better wait your turn, or I'll bust your skull.

(Kurtis laughs to himself, grinning so he shows his teeth.)

KURTIS: All aboard, boys. Choo choo!

(The sound of a train whistle blowing plays, and Kurtis fishes his phone out of a pocket, regarding the device for a moment before swiping a finger over the screen and holding it up to his ear.)

KURTIS: Hey man. Yeah, I'm here. Yeah... Yeah, of course I'm in Albany, but the directions you gave me are garbage, I've been wandering around for hours. Yes! New York. Albany, New York. What? What do you mean Albany, Georgia?

(Kurtis curses under his breath, adjusting the phone in his hand.)

KURTIS: Alright, I'll be there by morning. Yeah, see you then.

(Kurtis hangs up the phone, squeezing it in his hand before cursing again.)


(The camera abruptly cuts out.)

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