All Consuming Flame

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On Sun, Apr15, 2018 6:34pm America/Phoenix
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All Consuming Flame
*Scene opens in a wide clearing, in the center of which is a raging bonfire. The cameras attempt to approach but the heat is too great, the camera zooms in and we can The Nordic Nightmare sitting not five feet from the flames, staring into them almost in a trance.  He wears only leather boots and breeches but shows no discomfort from the intense heat. As if sensing the crew he stands and approaches the camera, steam rising from his heated skin as he enters the cooler air.

Korath: "The time has finally arrived for the great WWX Armada to land in Vancouver. The time has arrived for Rex McAllister to face his doom at my hands for stooping so low as he did just for attention. You made two mistakes Rex when you answered my challenge with the Infernal Asylum. The first was by caging yourself up with me. Korath, the man who is possibly the most savage wrestler to enter a WWX ring, and you have sealed yourself inside a cage with me, with no hope for escape or aid. The second mistake you made, well let me just show you."

Korath turns and walks back to the fire and picks up a burning brand that has fallen from the larger pile, carrying it back like a torch. As he returns he reaches into a pouch at his side, when he withdraws his hand it is covered in a yellowish powder. Korath passes his hand over the torch, causing the powder to ignite, though as it burns away Korath does not show pain.

Korath: "As you can see Rex, flame does not scare me. The Infernal Asylum will only aid me in inflicting punishment upon you the likes of which the world has never seen. You will be beaten, burned, brutalized,  hell even barbecued by the time I am through with you. You have drawn upon you the wrath of the Nordic Nightmare, and I will make damned certain that you are branded, marked with the shame of knowing that your act of cowardice has left you as a failure of a human being."

All of this he says with a voice as calm as still water, however the look in his eyes betrays the fury he is keeping restrained. He once again reaches into the pouch, drawing out a handful of the powder and letting it fall like a curtain until it makes contact with the torch, creating a wall of flame in front of Korath. When the curtain disappears, he again stands there with his hand ablaze, holding a small pile of the burning powder cupped in his hand as he speaks again.

Korath: "At the risk of sounding like a chauvinist I have something of a story to tell you Rex."

Before he continues he quickly makes a first, crushing the flame and creating a small fireball as it is extinguished. Korath looks away from his hand and back to the camera, the fury in his eyes growing ever fiercer.

Korath: "Where I come from Rex, if a man assaults a woman as you did he would be dragged to the center of the village and lashed to a pole, he would then be beaten with clubs and stones until he neared deaths threshold. The offended woman is then given a dulled blade with which to mark him for his crime. Fortunately for you that is illegal here, unfortunately for you that means that I'll settle for pounding your bones to jelly with my bare fists. You will fall in honor of the gods and she you wronged, I will see to it personally Rex."

A smile then crosses Koraths face as he removes a waterskin from his side and pours it over his head, drenching his hair and mane like beard. He tosses aside the torch as he begins to apply the volatile powder to all of his exposed skin.

Korath: "Let me show you something Rex, it's a ritual I used to perform in order to show my bravery to the spirits. This will be just one of the trials I will show you that will prove why I will be the one to walk out of the Asylum, and you will be nothing but charred meat, waiting to be devoured."

*Korath finishes his preparations and strides back to the bonfire. He stands before the great fire for a moment then delivers a mighty kick, his booted foot toppling the stacked wood and creating a path through the fire. Korath steps into the flames, the powder on his skin igniting as he walks on...unafraid of All Consuming Flame.

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