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Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Jan03, 2018 11:37am America/Phoenix
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The scene opens up in Vegas, at the black jacks table inside Ellis Island Casino. Tommy Lipton sits at the table in his finest business casual attire. with a stack of chips a mile high Tommy is in great spirits.  
After what has been the Rex McAllister show Tommy intends to show his fans "he still has it"... 
He's hit Rex hard a couple of times, a recent stunner showed Rex that Tommy is not about to give an inch in this contest. 
He sees the cameras approach and backs off the table to give his attention to his fans and the WWX Network.

Tommy: The recent days have grown to be dark, I know. We have all had to sit there and face facts that Rex McAllister has definetly come a far way.... We must face this dark truth BUT we will move forward, we will make sure that a backstabbing bastard of a dog does not advance and that it will be said "AND YOUR WINNER".  

Tommy points at himself banging the tip of his thumb off his chest. 

Tommy: The other night I brought in the New Year and tapped in to talk to my fans, all of you watching. No matter how brief I wanted to let you hear from me, hear my thoughts because I thought it was important to reach out to all of you and wish you a happy New Year. You have been there by myside and I appreciate it. And lets face it, you all want to know what I think about Rex and him dropping me with a low blow last week, and honestly it wasn't surprising at all. We know he will do anything to win. 
I do have to admit that Tommy and the WWX Universe, we didnt have a long time the other night to chat. I'm glad I was able to fire off a quick and short video at least... I am sure you were busy and so was I. It was New Year's Eve, the night to celebrate with friends and loved ones. I consider you all friends and family and that is why it mattered that I took some time to address all of you. But New Year's is Not about wasting time talking about old friends who let you down and how you gotta put em down the hard way. Good positive vibes is what we are to ring the New Year in with.

Tommy moves toward the table and takes his seat again and the cameras move in around him. The dealer calls security. 

Tommy: I have permission from  the man upstairs. The cameras can stay. Here.

Tommy motions the camera man to take action. The camera man shows him handing the dealer a piece of paper. The dealer steps aside and looks over the note and makes a call on his radio. He then returns. 

Dealer: My apologies Mr. Tommy Lipton!! The camera can stay it just cannot film staff or the table. It must only be focused on you. As agreed upon.

Tommy nods and turns to look back into the lens, the eye of the WWX Universe. 

Tommy: Where was I? OH yeaaaaa... It's a New Year, and what a way it will start, I am coming this Holiday to raise Hell! Just as this Pay Per View is so rightly named, It will be Holiday Hell for one Rex McAllister! I will be bringing a reackoning like no other he has faced before the one and ONLY Tommy Lipton!

Tommy looks at his Hugo Boss watch. 

Tommy: Rex McAllister can you hear that?
It's the final countdown to the end of this series. Where all your tough talk will now have to be backed up. For weeks you have insulted me, disrespected me and underestimated me. 
For weeks you have walked around proud and mighty... Thinking you are next in line to be the new king of the castle, the new Champion of WWX. You have gone as far as putting me in your past thoughts, looking into the rear view looking for me... but you won't see me in the rear view Rex, because I'm here in front of you, as a wall blocking you from becoming relevant because the start of 2018 isn't going to highlight Rex McAllister...
It will highlight the One and Only Tommy Lipton! 

Tommys mouth folds upwards on the right. He glares coldly into the cameras eye.

Tommy: I will not lose three in a row, his luck is over... this is a must win for me... the cards have been dealt, this series is all tied up but I'm not backing down, I'm going to give it my all, I am going all in!

Tommy looks away from the camera and then looks back.

Tommy: Rex McAllister may have had some last laughs throughout this series but that won't be the case when it's all said and done...
This isn't Rex's House much like he makes it seem... This is my house and I AM COMING! 


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