All It Takes Is One.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Thu, Aug24, 2017 12:05am America/Phoenix
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All It Takes Is One.
*We take a recap look at last week's Fury Main Event featuring World Champion Syndicate and the number 1 Contender, Krimzon Blaze*
Voice Over: It was a hotly contested match but it was a controversial decision made on the referee's part to not go for the bell as Blaze tapped.

Thinking the match was over, Syndicate released the hold, only to be told the match continues, and just as Syndicate went to go after Blaze, in one fell swoop was a Mighty Death Pop that rattled the Fury audience with Blaze pinning the World Champion in what some are calling a major upset.

*We take you now to the Fury Ring where a table, 2 black chairs, and Ben Jacobs in the ring.*

Jacobs: Ladies and Gentleman, my guest at this time, the high flying daredevil, "The Aerial Specialist" KRIMZON BLAZE!!!!


"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central hits the airwaves as the crowd jump in hysterics as Krimzon Blaze is seen, in a black suit with a white tie as he heads down towards the ring, the crowd loving every moment as he steps through the ropes, grabbing the microphone off the table...*



Jacobs: Blaze, welcome.

KB: Pleasure is mine.

*They both take a seat, as the crowd are watching in awe*

Jacobs: I have to ask right out the gate, how'd it feel pinning Syndicate?

KB: Honestly... It felt glorious!


There's a certain referee whose probably watching this and getting his severance pay as we speak.

My win is, without a doubt, controversial.

Jacobs: As we saw in the package.

KB: Right.

I asked for this conference amongst the WWX Universe and yourself included Ben to discuss the logistics of what's to come.

Jacobs *puzzled*: Logistics?

KB: Yes.. You see, Syndicate has been on a tear throughout this roster.

Up and comers? Dismantled.

Old rivalries? Beaten.

But then... I have come along.


KB: A man with no limitations to the things that I've done in this ring, with or without help.

I know what it means being at the top of this industry Ben, you and the WWX Universe knows how hard of a ladder it is to climb.

When I pinned Syndicate, I felt like I was on cloud nine.

But reality struck me hard as well.


That's how my whole life has been.


I've seen and done things no mortal man can take to the grave.

I've made mistakes, like any other person has, but I've owned up to my misfortunes and made up with people that believe in me to get the job done.

I proved to Syndicate I belong, and he'll find out later on tonight here, in San Diego...


KB: I'm not just a flash from the WWX's past, I want to be recognized as WWX's _FUTURE_ and Ben, all it takes is One.

Ben: One?

KB: One shot. 

One opportunity.

I've pinned Syndicate before, and not too long in the future, I'll be doing it tonight and again and again until I claim the Undisputed WWX World Heavyweight Championship!

"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central hits the airwaves again as KB goes out into the crowd as they all cheer as the scene fades to black.

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