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On Wed, Mar07, 2018 1:51pm America/Phoenix
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All Members Review
A vote is needed to be address and handled...

The break that would go into effect following Armada show being posted, would ultimately last for one month. That's time for everyone to rest up mentally and get ready for a PPV with a card that will reflect the championships i am going for: WWX(Classic World), International/European, North American(Replacing Tag Team), Television, Conquest. 

An undecided vote here on Facebook (Not Discord) will lead to a de facto break and having Josh Eshleman shut down the site for that timeframe. An undecided vote is basically a tie or no one voting for the time allowed. The time allowed is up til Armada PPV Card.

The fear of losing roster members for WWX is just that...a fear. A modest group of ten to fifteen solid members upon return would be welcome. The fed has currently lost more to disinterest and blind emotional decisions (i.e Fozzy) than to anything else that's more serious.
Talking about it and discussing it is important, its rather the action or inaction that doesn't match your words that i consider more. I am no more the DM you come to play with on the weekends, this is first and foremost a hobby, no one is getting paid for this. So trust me this is not me saying i am done. I have to take care of myself and get situated in Colorado after i get out of the military in May. One month is what i need.

We will be on a biweekly schedule upon restarting and will transition to weekly or two biweekly shows depending on the activity. Worse is basically going monthly for the fed. 
So ultimately, a decision needs to be made.

Yes you actually have to click a vote for it to be recognized as such. Not just text.

It is located in the facebook group page of the fed:


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