All That Matters Is Gold

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Tue, Jun27, 2017 3:30pm America/Phoenix
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All That Matters Is Gold
[Our scene opens up inside of the Mayhem Arena, not a single soul is present minus the ring crew and all of the WWX personnel working tirelessly to put on a perfect show, as the scene switches to the backstage area where "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen, sitting down with his eyes closed, deep in thought.]

KB: I know that you are here.

[Startled a bit, the camera jumps back but eases up when KB opens his eyes.]

KB: I've been using a form of meditation to help ease my mind, because when I go into that ring, I'm giving it my all out there, and not one person, man, woman, or child can say that they didn't go home unfulfilled.

[KB smiles.]

KB: I'll get right to the point...

I've _NEVER_ had it easy once I hit the WWX.

I've done things that no mortal person in their lifetime could ever do, but I did them.

I've gone to places deep down in the confines of the WWX that have led me to being a multiple time World Champion.

Syndicate lives by this notion that using static noise to create an illusion that he's scary and divided.

Cameron lives by the notion that with a basketball background, you can become anything in the WWX.

This is the land of opportunity, and unfortunately for the both of them, their stepping into MY world.

Cameron and I have faced each other once, and he got the victory over me.

*Slow Clap*

One victory.

One victory is all it takes in this land.

One victory can change the landscape.

And our match we have, Syndicate...


I will be victorious.


[KB laughs.]

KB: My world is ever evolving.

It's always captivating.

You both will experience what it's like to be a Legend in this day and age.

Cameron got one victory over me, but this match...

This match right here, I'm fighting for my very livelihood.

Because should I lose...

I'll never have a World Title match so long as Syndicate is champion.

That bridge will not be made.

I absolutely refuse to let that stipulation be placed on such a match that I can't be allowed to go for a championship that I'm fighting for be taken away from me because of a call Management has made.


You've proven yourself as World Champion material, but you've yet to experience what it's like to have the thing most precious to you taken away from you within the blink of an eye.

You might live in a static world, but I live through facts, heart, determination, and the undying will to succeed.

All that matters to me Syndicate is Gold.

You've got the Gold in your hands for now, but when I win this match at Mayhem, and we square off one on one for the biggest prize that WWX has to offer, you will see just how vicious of a competitor and an athlete that I can truly be.

Cameron Westport...

You got a small victory over me, which I congratulate you for, but make no mistake about it, I will be the one pinning either you or Syndicate himself to attain the World Title Shot that's at the end of this rainbow.

[KB stands up from his seated Indian Style spot, as he looks coldly into the camera with his piercing blue eyes.]

KB: There is no turning back for me now.

I'm here to win, and I will win, at all costs.

[KB then exits the room as the scene slowly fades black.]

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