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(The sound or a train can be heard  somewhere in the distance, and a camera pans up to reveal the exterior of a Wal-Mart at night. One of the lights is flickering, calling attention to the sign. There is virtually nobody around, suggesting it is rather late at night, and after a moment the automatic door whooshes open and Kurtis Ray strolls out with a case of beer in one hand a a bag of various detrius in the other. He glances around, his eyes finding the camera, and he offers a small wave as he walks toward the camera.)

KURTIS: Hey, man. Thanks for coming.

(A somewhat familiar voice sounds an affirmative, but the audio isn't good enough for the voice to really be heard. Kurtis waves at his unseen companion and the two start walking. Kurtis turns so he's facing the camera, walking backwards carefully.)

KURTIS: What's happening, Universe? We're drawing ever closer to the day of our reckoning, when myself, Rayne, and Syndicate face off for the WWX title. And for real, I'm excited about it. Who wouldn't be, right? You'd be crazy not to be. Understandably, we all have pretty strong opinions about the whole process. Rayne thinks the title is his God-given right. Syndicate thinks people still give a damn about the fact he's been saying the same thing for as long as I've known him anyway. And me? I have the audacity to think that I have a right to stand in that ring with the rest of 'em. Right? Because I didn't do anything to deserve a title shot. I didn't win the Race for the Case. I didn't beat Rayne. So why am I here?

(Kurtis shakes his head, coming up to a pristine 1970 Mustang, He takes a seat on the hood of the car, ripping open the case f beer and fishing one out. He holds it out to the cameraman, whose arm reaches out to accept the offered drink, and then Kurtis collects a second beer, cracking it open and taking a drink.)

KURTIS: I'm over it, man. As Syndicate pointed out before, as he is very fond of pointing out in fact, after we faced off for several pay-per-views in a row he walked away with the title. I was done with Syndicate then. I was done with all of it. I needed a break, so I left for a while. Lotta people tell me that was a terrible idea and I have heard no end to the guff I been getting for it. But in the time I was gone, nothing changed. Syndicate held the title. He lost the title. He won the title. And I reckon it would continue like that. Dude talks about reality, about how he's the constant, the measuring stick, the greatest wrestler in history. And the worst part is is that he's marketable. It'd honestly do Syndicate some good to not be in the spotlight, but that's not going to happen if people keep filling the seat to listen to him record the same promo over and over and over.

(Kurtis snorts, taking a long drink out of the beer and fishing a chocolate bar out of the bag he's brought along.)

KURTIS: Friggin' mind boggling. But what's different here? I keep pointing out the same things about him, too. I am fond of calling attention to his inexplicable arrogance and the fact that he continues to record the same promo over and over and over. Hand to god, I can tell you for a fact that I'm not the best wrestler in the world. Never would I claim to be. I'm not claiming that now. But I know some things, and one of those things is that I have been in the ring with a couple of wrestlers who I would consider the best in the world, and none of those men were Syndicate. I like pointing that out, too, by the way. Look at me being a hypocrite. Heh.

(Kurtis takes another drink from the can, loosing a belch and retrieving another can from the box.)

KURTIS: I'd like to address that vultures comment, though. I'm a vulture that wants to come in and take what you've earned. You realize how much of an idiot that makes you sound like? That is the way this business works. You've got a big ol' brass ring that everyone in the locker room should want to do just the same to get their hands on.  It's amusing you'd choose vultures, though, because Vultures are scavengers that eat carrion. Corpses. You basically called me and Rayne the heralds of the death of your career. Regardless of the rest of the self-indulgent garbage you continuously regurgitate, the only thing you said that was remotely evocative makes you sound like a dingus. I've had an awaking, Syndicate. An epiphany. You're not going toe-to-toe with the same Kurtis Ray from a year ago, or six months ago. The only thing that's changed about you is now instead of being a three-time champion, now you're a five-time champion.

(Kurtis unwraps the chocolate bar, taking a bite of it. He chews thoughtfully for a minute, leaning back on the hood of the car.)

KURTIS: Rayne, you said some good stuff about me, man. You talked about how I delivered on a lot of the things I said I would. You implied that you respected me now, but what was going to happen at Ravage wasn't about respect. Course that was hidden in among a bunch of fuff and nonsense about our... well I guess illustrious is a word that could describe Syndicate. Anyway. You're both right and wrong about the respect thing. If respect meant you weren't willing to fight you'd be bang on, but here's a funny thing. It's cause I respect what you achieved in our match that I want to take you to heights you've never experienced and utterly, completely destroy you in that ring. And you did something Syndicate took a few tries to do. You beat me without having to drop me on my head on a pile of steel chairs.

(Kurtis cracks open the second beer taking a drink as he considers what to say next. He sits up again, making a show of stretching before continuing.)

KURTIS: For real though, Rayne, you can point out all you like you've beaten me twice. It doesn't matter. It doesn't change anything, because how things go down is how they go down. Wins happen. Losses happen. The important thing is, you haven't been in the ring with me at 100%. I know that may sound self-indulgent, but there's facts. On Ravage, you're going to experience a different Hype Train. Much as I hate to admit it, sometimes Syndicate just brings out the best in me.

(Kurtis drains the second beer, looking at the box expectantly for a moment before tossing the can away and hopping off the hood of the car.)

KURTIS: At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that this match isn't about what I want, or what you want Syndicate, or what you want, Rayne. This match is about showing the fans why they paid to see us fight one another again. It's about fighting til you got no fight left, and then continuing to fight. It's about squeezing every last bit of potential out of yourself and out of the other guys in the ring. It's about walking away with that belt, no matter what. It's about the hype. And the beauty of that statement is that the hype speaks to me. It whispers to me, and you know what it says? It says 'You're going to be a two-time world champion, Kurtis.' I don't need to be the 'world's greatest professional wrestler.' I don't need to run down why I'm the best. I don't owe you any justification. All I need to do is believe in Kurtis Ray. And I do, even when I lost my way. Even when I got beat by Rayne. Even on my wilderness sabbatical, I never stopped believing.

(Kurtis jumps off the car hot, brushing at the back of his pants, moving in closer to the camera suddenly)

KURTIS: Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to head back to my hotel. Oh, one more thing.

(Kurtis pushes into the camera, his expression turning dark.)

KURTIS: All aboard.

(Kurtis laughs, moving to walk away, jamming his hands in his pockets. The cameraman shouts something and Kurtis shrugs.)

KURTIS: That's not my car. But thanks, I guess.

(Kurtis walks off and the camera lingers on him until the former champ disappears over a small hill. The camera pans over to a Ravage poster on a telephone pole, zooming in on Kurtis, Rayne, and Syndicate. The video fades to black.)

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