Almost Ready

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On Thu, May25, 2017 4:10am America/Phoenix
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Almost Ready
[ The segment takes place at a gym, just as Fill is training to get back in shape. He's in the middle of a sit-up session, as one of the trainers is hyping him up to finish it ]

Trainer: Come on, just a few more, you can do it!

Fill: I know I can!

Trainer: 18...19...20! Enough for now, you've got company.

[ His trainer points at the camera. Fill notices it as well as he finishes the session and stays seated on the ground for a moment, rubbing his back ]

Fill: Thanks man, take five, we'll continue later.

[ The trainer leaves and lets Fill say what he has to say. Fill slowly stands up and starts clapping ]

Fill: It's been a long time since I've had to recover from pain like that, and to be honest it's not gone yet. During each and every sit-up, it doesn't stop, but it will take a lot more than that to keep me down. Who knows how many times I'm gonna be suplexed, drop kicked, slammed and so on and so on, with every move I'll be reminded what that pain was supposed to do - stop me. It will happen some day, but it won't be any time soon, that I can guarantee. Now, aside from the pain, I need to cover what you came here for, and that's to discuss LX's last promo.

[ Fill pauses for a while and takes a serious look at the camera ]

Fill: Lu'Andre, you said enough with your first words. I mean - you said that I was brave or stupid, right?

[ At that moment, all seriousness is broken as Fill explodes into laughter ]

Fill: Well, maybe I'm a little of both man. I mean, look at what I've been through over the last couple of weeks - I let a basketball fanatic piss me off more than once. Afterwards, thanks to him I had to return the favor by pissing off the big, scary, gorilla looking Giant Khoklov, and for that I've been attacked over and over again, and we all saw how that ended - with me getting badly hurt. Instead of supposedly doing what most normal people would do and stay home and watch tv series until I recover, I speed things up, get back on my feet and prepare for the next opportunity I get to return to that ring. But from the looks of things, instead of feeling like everything is falling apart around me, it's actually improving. Not only am I ready to fight again, but for all my efforts, I get a shot at the International Championship. So, by the way I see it Lu'Andre, there's nothing for me to regret. All the pain that I've been through was worth it, and nothing that you will put me through will make me regret a chance like that.

[ Fill takes a few steps to the side and stands next to the door that leads to the trainer's room ]

Fill: So Lu'Andre, you can try to break my body, you can be the wizard of Oz for all I care, you can only hope Khoklov doesn't try anything funny again. Otherwise, you should enjoy the International Title while you still have it.

[ Fill knocks at the door loudly ]

Fill: Break's over man, time to continue!

[ He takes one last look at the camera and whispers ]

Fill: See you soon Lu'Andre Xavier.

[ Fade to black ]

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