Amsterdam #WWXChampionTour2018

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Mon, Mar12, 2018 12:43pm America/Phoenix
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Amsterdam #WWXChampionTour2018
The scene comes to life in the nightlife of Amstardam where music can be heard from the club's and laughter can be heard from people walking the strip. The lights brighten the otherwise night sky as Tommy Lipton stands on a bridge with the citys skyline behind him. Over his right shoulder is the Undisputed Championship he recently saved from the waste of Xavier Pendragon.

Tommy: God delivered WWX a savior and I signed. Now I am once again the Champion of the world and how did I get here? Great question... I secured myself in the final ring AGAIN at World Series! I put out a hell of a war in the House of Horrors! I fought the best and finally how I got here was by rrunning through both Rex McAllister and Xavier Pendragon to be World Champion! 

Tommy laughs aloud and shrugs his shoulder.

Tommy: Xavier decided to produce some contradicting crap earlier. Xavier says he doesn't underestimate his opponents but that's precisely what he does and is exactly why he's now former champion rather than the current champion... I on the other hand haven't underestimated anyone despite what Xavier says. I said Rex was tough and I would have to bring my A game but Xavier on the other hand I may not have pampered as much and that's not because I underestimate him, it's just that... well... he can't fill my jockstrap! Xavier comes forth and says he doesn't underestimate me but yet at the same time he says he will stop me, he says he will take the WWX Championship... He says... he says everything he said before Aftershock and it didn't work out for him then and it won't this time either. Do I underestimate him?

Tommy looks at the skyline and then his title and he grins.

Tommy: I value him for what he's worth, this title around my waist to him is much like this city to the new comers, overwhelming and massive... He will not capture it back. He should just smile for the fact that he had the opportunity to hold it in the first place. Because... while I'm at the helm of the WWX he will never get a chance to hold it again. 

Tommy starts walking along the bridge. 

Tommy: It takes a real man to be your Champion and that can only be the One and Only! I value this precious title to bits and I am always fine with being a fighting champion... James Ranger knows this, that is why he and the Board of Directors didn't allow Rex McAllister to get away with that absurdity with Blade Rickman. They wanted to sell tickets and revamp the WWX and spike those raitings and Tommy Lipton is the right man to do just that! Lipton sells out shows; case closed! 
 That is why the only possible outcome for mine and McAllisters best of five series would end with Tommy Lipton facing off for this belt! 

Tommy pats the belt and moves close to the camera. 

Tommy: Xavier can talk the talk but he can't walk the walk and although he wonders why I am already talking about Jake Devine I know the WWX fans don't wonder why... Xavier Pendragon wonders why I said he's already lost... The fans know why I said that! 
Xavier Pendragon should have taken his time preparing for a rematch and not just dive in head first! 

Tommy looks over the edge of the bridge at the water below.

Tommy: Do not concern yourself Xavier with Blade... The Crusaid Cup winner, Jake Devine, will be there and I am hoping he doesn't plan to do anything to make Armada easier for himself. 

Tommy smirks and shakes his head. 

Tommy:  Ya know something... Rex thought it was his show! Rex thought it was he who led the Tandem to many successful victories... It was Rex who thought i was holding him back and betraying me would show he was the superior man. Rex McAllister thought HE was the One and Only... just as Xavier Pendragon thinks he will reclaim this belt on Ravage and JUST as Jake Devine thinks he's in line to hold this title come Armada... but it will not be any of the above... It will be the One and Only Tommy Lipton who will walk out of Ravage and Armada STILL your Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion! 
Are you Ready? 


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