An Angry Man

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Mon, Sep03, 2018 12:05pm America/Phoenix
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An Angry Man
(The sounds of a ship's horn echoes, and the camera comes into focus on a concrete pier. There are a number of fishing boats tooling about in the water, either heading out to sea or returning from a hard days work. Off in the distance, larger container ships can be seen going about their business, but it all seems rather incidental. It is raining and the sky is gray, creating a chilly, drab feeling.)

V.O.: I never understood people's fascination with the sea. Pretty much just a big salty lake, isn't it? I guess it's the fear of the unknown that drives them to find meaning in something so inherently meaningless.

(The camera pans back to show Kurtis leaning over the rail at the end of one of the piers, dressed against the rainy weather. He has a cup of coffee he is juggling between both hands absently, and a lit cigarette hangs from the corner of his mouth as he stares off into the distance.)

KURTIS: Got a lot of hits on my Twitter page the past few days after my appearance on Ravage. Lotta people praising my decision to interfere in a main event they called boring. Lifeless. Another Tommy Lipton/Syndicate crank off contest. And those were the people that had good stuff to say about it. When the general consensus on a match that the moment of the night was when some dude showed up with a tanker full of nasty hot dog water in a spot right out of the nineties and hosed everyone down, there's a significant problem with your product.

(Kurtis takes a drag off the cigarette without touching it, allowing the smoldering stick to continue to dangle from his lips.)

KURTIS: But we're not here to talk about Ravage, are we? No matter how many people ask me why I punked Syndicate when it looked like I was gonna hand him a win over Rexie, you're not gonna get any kind of great resolution. The fact is, why I did what I did was because I felt like it. No great purpose besides, just a big ol' middle finger to Rex, Lipton, and Syndicate.

(Kurtis removes the cigarette from his mouth, taking a drink from the cup of coffee. He glances down at the cup before turning his gaze back to nothing in particular.)

KURTIS: Now we're in the final build to Coliseum, and if the people playing at home have been paying attention, me and Rex McAllister are facing one another in a last man standing match. It's an odd choice, right? No build to it or anything, I show up on Ravage and drench the former world champ and then there we are. Boom. Last Man Standing match. But why? Even if there was room for a contest between us, why a Last Man Standing match?

(Kurtis leaves the question unanswered, returning his cigarette to it's place dangling from the corner of his mouth.)

KURTIS: There was a time a couple of years back when I was going into a Hall of Pain match, the Inferno Asylum, with Rex McAllister, Syndicate, and David Gideon Smith. Back then, I was nothing but arrogance and piss and vinegar, and I recorded a promo where I told a story about three knights and a fool who went to fight a monster and how arrogance led to the fall of the knights while the fool used cunning to win the day. At the time Rex, in particular, called me out for identifying with the fool. And at the time he was probably right, but I've had a lot of time to reflect on the story since then and I've come to a couple other conclusions.

(Kurtis takes another pull off the cigarette, removing the dart from his mouth and flicking it into the sea before taking another drink from the cup of coffee. He lifts himself up to perch on the rail, turning so his lags are dangling over toward the water.)

KURTIS: See, Rex, there's a few things nobody ever gets quite right about me. There's a reason I'm a very good wrestler and there's a reason that I'm a very difficult hurdle to overcome. And that reason is because deep down, in the places I don't like letting people see, I'm an angry man. Sure, I used to put on the face of the goofy trickster, I used to trot out here like a good little WWX Show dog and pretend that I was the sarcastic, grinning asshole. but that was me playing a character, which is another thing I'm good at. But after a while you get tired of playing the characters. After a while a little bit of the darkness starts to seep out. After a while you get tired of pretending to be the hype train and you embrace a little bit of that dark side that got you to where you are.

(Kurtis takes another drink of his coffee, looking down at his feet.)

KURTIS: The fool in that story didn't win because he was underestimated. He won because he knew better than to try and fight a monster that he had no chance of defeating. At Coliseum, I don't identify with the fool. At Coliseum, the big wigs have seen fit to give me the freedom I need to teach you what I really was supposed to be in that story back a couple of years ago. This time, Rex, I'm the monster your mighty knight falls to. And no matter what weapons you bring, no matter who interferes in this match on your behalf, no matter what you do to me you won;t defeat me. When the bell rings, you'll be battered and broken and the Last American Icon will have blown off some much-needed steam.

(Kurtis takes another drink from the coffee cup, then chucks the cup off the pier, rolling backwards and landing on his feet on the pier.)

KURTIS: On that note, I gotta plane to catch. You'll hear from me soon, but for right now I recommend you get a good night's sleep, say your prayers, and eat your vegetables while you still can. Coliseum is gonna be a bad night for you.

(Kurtis shoves his hands in his pockets, walking away wuth a purpose. The camera pans back to the grey sky before fading out to black.)

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