An Comeback Tour begins in Toronto.

Roleplay Roleplay by CHRIS DANGEROUSLY
On Fri, May04, 2018 7:44pm America/Phoenix
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An Comeback Tour begins in Toronto.
Danger is seen in his locker room, and he looks into the camera to cut an promo:

“Aaah… ha. You take yourself so seriously don’t you mate? “Hollywood Icon”. I mean I wouldn’t even rank you as a rookie actor, what have you done? Oh yeah that’s right, you’re that reality TV bloke aren’t you, Wille. Me and you an team, thatd be hard to forget.

“Christ almighty, get out the red carpet… we’ve got a MTV star over here! I just don’t get why you think you’re so special. Like maybe special needed but nothing more. But one thing I can respect about you is… oh wait there’s that you’re an world champion.”

“You are on levels of idiocy that nobody would ever be able to top. You’re full of yourself because you have a leg sweep for a finisher… pft please. My finisher actually has credibility, I break bones, retire legends and all before I have my lunch mate. You just sit there twiddling your thumbs pretending like you mean something whilst I travel ALL over the world. Actually perfecting my craft. I probably learned more in my six years, than you did in those 2 years, it’s actual skill. Probably why you haven’t been injured or anything, Jervis”

Danger  takes a step back, bracing himself with what he’s about to say.

Danger: “You don’t understand this business, Jervis, do you? I mean you just roll up here expecting for respect without being an actual good wrestler. Your wrestling is mediocre at best, and that’s a compliment. I mean just look at when you do a figure 4. Makes you look fragile, no pressure. Whereas when I lock in my devastating crossface chicken-wing, you better tap otherwise you’ll get hurt. And we don’t want the mama's boy to go through that pain, oh no. So you can sit there whilst your diaper is being changed or you can get into the ring with me and wrestle. Take your choice, Jervis and Bobby.”

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