An Conspiracy begins

Roleplay Roleplay by CHRIS DANGEROUSLY
On Wed, May02, 2018 7:54pm America/Phoenix
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An Conspiracy begins
Scene #1: An Man is seen sittin in a chair, and starts talking to an camera

“Well, the world has sure changed since I have been gone for nearly three years, and it feels like I am smelling the winds of an full blown regime change, under our new General manager, the Legend and Hall of Famer, Tommy Lipton. And  now I am in an division that I have never been in and against one of my well known rivals, Steen.”
Sceme #2: The man unmasks as Chris Danger and has an scar across his face.

“Now I'm  gunning for an International Title shot, and Mr. Syndicate, you better watch your back, because Mr. Lipton has an good idea for an special enforcer. And finally Rex, an opponent I have neverfaced one on one, is still here.

Last Scene: Danger exits the locker room and enters Lipton's office. 

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