An Education

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On Wed, Jan17, 2018 8:39pm America/Phoenix
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An Education
*Hex Girl is standing in a large room from the looks of it maybe an old gym, the exposed structure shows a few basketballs wedged into place between some of the supports and the metal siding. Below her feet covering a section of the floor is a large tarp. Next to her on a folding table is a familiar yellow duffle bag.*

HG: Jarvis first off let me say congratulations are in order. You won the battle royal to be the number one contender for the TV Title. *She gives a slow clap.* One step closer to being at the top of one of the title heaps. Next up congratulations on your engagement I hope you two are happy. Now that those little pleasantries are out of the way you may be wondering what I'm doing here. That is very simple. Education.

*She makes a motion to someone off camera and a dark haired young man brings in a watermelon and sets in on the table next to the duffle bag.*

HG: You Jarvis, were talking mighty big asking me to bring the toys and asking that our crusade cup match be hardcore. Now I know that you've not had the privilege of seeing what I can do in a proper hardcore match or know what to expect out of my bag of tricks. Which most of the roster is well antiquated with by now. So I'm going to do you a favor and give you a small demonstration. That way you have time to beg Ranger to let the match proceed as a regular match and just allow me to be creative with all of the ways I can cause pain and destruction to your body.

*She reaches into the bag and pulls out a baseball bat that has one end wrapped in barbed wire. She gives the bat a few hefts before she swings it at the watermelon catching it fully on the side sending pieces flying across the gym. Some of it remains on the table spinning from the momentum of her swing. She turns to the camera stringy wet red watermelon bits dangle off of the wire.*

HG: Now you may be familiar with this weapon if you watch the Walking Dead. I think the one on there they call Lucille well I don't have a fancy name for mine but I'm sure you get the notion as to what it's gonna do to your hide if I catch a piece of you.

*She gives a whistle and the young man walks back over he quietly squeegees the watermelon off the table into a trash can and replaces it with another one. She lays the bat off to the opposite end of the table and reaches into the bag this time pulling out a pair of escrima sticks. She gives them a few twirls before she brings one down cracking the melon in half with seeming very little effort. She quickly follows the hit with a strike from the second stick spitting the melon again in the other direction. She looks back at the camera as she raises the stick letting the pieces of the melon scatter onto the table.*

HG: These are escrima sticks. Now if you are a movie buff you might recognize these as the weapon of choice for Kick-Ass. That kid was a flailing idiot. I'm a trained marial artist who actually knows how to use these. I can do more damage with these than my barbed wire friend over there he just makes you bleed easier is all. 

*She gives another whistle and the young man walks back over this time carrying a small pig carcass over his shoulder. He quickly rakes the watermelon off into the trash can and plops the carcass on to the table. She sets the sticks next to the bat on the end of the table and reaches into the bag once again this time pulling out a kama, the short handled sickle often featured in martial arts films, anime, and games. She rotates the handle in her and letting the hooked blade spin around in front of her while she smiles at the camera for a moment.* 

HG: This nasty little surprise is a kama. As you can see it is a small sickle and let me assure it is very sharp. 

*She reaches over grabbing the ear of the pig and cleanly cuts it off with a quick motion of her wrist.* 

HG: This little baby has been responsible for quite a few scars in the locker room. 

*She draws the tip of the blade across the exposed shoulder of the pig opening up a gash through the thick skin to prove her point. She sets the kama off to the side with the other weapons she's demonstrated so far. She returns to the bag pulling out a mason jar with a clear liquid in it along with a zippo lighter. She opens the lid and takes a drink before flipping open the lighter and spitting a ball of fire right into the face of the pig. Skin can be heard blistering and hairs singe sending off bits of smoke.*

HG: Something to be said for the power in a shot of shine. This shit is brewed right here in Tazewell county where I live and like me it packs a whollup. Even if I don't use it to breathe fire on you you're not going to want it anywhere near your pretty city boy face.

*She sets the jar down on the far end of the table before reaching in the bag one more time. This time she pulls out a long metal bar with the end wrapped in cloth.*

HG: Now you may be wondering what this weird little thing is. Well allow me to enlighten you. This is a branding iron with the head wrapped in shine soaked rags. I don't have to light the end to do damage to you allow me to demonstrate.

*She starts savagely beating the pig carcass in the ribs and an audible cracking and breaking can be heard. After a moment or two of cathartic pounding she stops.*

HG: However lighting the end does allow me to give you a rather lasting reminder of the beating you've taken and who gave it to you.

*She lights the rags which ignites into a fireball instantly she gives it a moment to burn to expose the metal before she presses the head of the iron into shoulder of the pig. The flesh sizzles as she puts weight on it and when she pulls it off what is left on the skin of the pig is Hex Girl's logo burned in.*

HG: You said you want to bring the toys, to bring the pain. Well this is a taste of what you are begging for. Are you ready? Can you handle it? Or do you want to remain pretty for your wedding?

*She walks away and the camera looks back down at the logo branded into the dead pig as it fades out.*

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