An Empire of Fools

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Sat, Nov25, 2017 5:49pm America/Phoenix
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An Empire of Fools
The scene opens to a dark room with nothing much in it but in the distance you can see what appears to be a tower of small televisions connected to each other and a throne looking chair with it's back turned to the camera view. The camera pans in closer and the televisions turn on with pictures of Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price and a spotlight shines down on the throne, the throne gets turned around and there is Fozzy Ozbourne sitting in the throne like it was made for him or something. Sporting his trademark leopard print fur coat with wrestling gear on, Fozzy smirks and sits up straight on the gothic looking throne looking at the various pictures of X and Price.

FOZZY- HEY! It's me it's me it's that F-O double Z Why look what we have here, talk about a circle jerk well look what we have here.... A couple haters. Some bald headed twat who thinks I'm a rookie and a disillusioned self proclaimed king punk rock poser who thinks I'm a paper champion. Let's start with Damian Price, you sir are such a whiney bit*h. You don't deserve a title shot that's why you have to go through this gauntlet match to prove you are even worth a one on one with me for the title. You're pretty cocky for someone I bested in the ring and I happened to catch your promo where you are sucking everyone's ass in some form or another. You make me sick you freaking poser. YOU SUCK! and you know you suck. See I'm not here to make friends with everybody and put people over NO NO NO! My job is destroy whatever sad ass gimmick that is in front of me. I'm supposed to tear you down that's what I'm paid to do. So your failed comeback to some glorious illusion where you think you are king will be trendkilled. Isn't Rayne supposed to be a king too? Like holy sh*t multiples of the same gimmick and me being king sh*t of turd mountain THAT'S IT! TOO MANY KINGS HERE IN WWX! As king sh*t of turd mountain I make this proclamation right here right now. Whoever defeats Damian Price in that Gauntlet match I will give the title shot to at Holiday Hell. How's that for paper champion? All the stats you were quoting during your suck ass promo I'll take the best wrestler from that match and make him a star.

Fozzy pulls out a big television remote from inside his coat and turns towards the stack of T.V's and plays a clip of last week on Ravage.

"He grabs a hold of Kailee's right leg, trapping it in the steel chair, but Fozzy is right behind him with a clubbing forearm stunning Damian with a knee to the gut, he grabs a hold of Damian, smiling all the while, he positions Damian over the steel chair, his left foot planted on the chair to prevent Kailee from removing herself from it.

He drops Damian head first into the steel chair with a DDT, the damage done, as Damian bounces off rolling away in pain. Kailee struggles to get the chair off, but Fozzy helps her by kicking it away.

Hart: Fozzy being a gentleman for Kailee tonight.

Fozzy helps Kailee up as if to apologize...

Lane: Of course he is...

Fozzy snaps the Tallywacker upon Kailee, laughing as he bounces up himself, then falls back to the mat to cover Kailee, the ref counts.


Fozzy immediately rolls out of the way of a steel chair slamming down upon him, hitting Kailee instead as the ref rolls out of the ring to meet Fozzy with the title.


Hart: Fozzy clearly escaped what should of been a painful defeat tonight.

Lane: Situational awareness is required in a match such as this, eventually Fozzy is going to have to face someone one on one for his title."

Fozzy turns back around smiling in reflection to address the camera, a glowing shrine of television sets behind him. He shakes his head in disappointment and continues with a sense of disgust in his voice.

FOZZY- Let's get something clear Damian Price you lost that match their was nothing special about your ability in the ring in fact you're mediocre and unoriginal. Your played out king gimmick is laughable at best. Everyone will find out that even one on one I will walk away the victor. Especially you Mr. X if you make the mistake of thinking I'm a rookie than YOU in fact have already lost. You're a loser who got the biggest flukest win of your life at Hall of Pain. The fact you won't put up that case and put your money where your mouth is proves my point for me. Yet you want to think I played right to your hands, well trust me I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well. The harsh reality will hit you soon enough. Your record over the last few months is a joke so for you to sit there all high and mighty like there is no way you can lose is foolish. A couple desperate fools is what I see in you two. An empire of fools. I will continue my winning ways and use you as a stepping stone Xavier. So bring your hellfire and brimstone, bring your disillusions, bring the whole damn family down to ringside I don't care. Come Ravage I break down the machine I show this muscled up dummy why I am who I say I am and that's BETTER THAN YOU!!!

With that said Fozzy gets off the throne and a loud sizzling sound can be heard. Fozzy walks off set and the throne and television sets blow up as the scene fades.


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