An epic Countdown begins

Roleplay Roleplay by CHRIS DANGEROUSLY
On Sun, May06, 2018 7:17pm America/Phoenix
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An epic Countdown begins
In the first scene, Danger is seen , wearing an “Keep it Cool, Steen” t-shirt, coming into his private locker-room,

"You think a couple of losses are gonna shake me? You think the fact that I'm not the one booked for the next title shot - any next title shot - is rockin' my boat? Hell no, brother. Hard times or not, conspiracy to wreck my brand or chase me out the door or scare me off, puh-lease! I'm not going anywhere. I'm still here. I am the future of WWX. I am pro-wrestling. Hard times or not, I've got a job to do.  And Mr. Steen, we are so close to the WWX international Championship that we are near it, if we act as an team, and take down Jarvis, one of us could be added into the Title Match at Deadlock PPV".

In the next scene, Danger is seen holding the old WWX Television Championship on his shoulders.

“Mr. Valentine, on Monday Night, you will step foot in the ring wiith two of the greatest WWX television Champions of all time, two men that made this title what it means to be in the federations darkest days. And Mr. Bob, youre the rightful #1 Contender and an big Powerful wrestler, but now you are stepping in the ring with an future WWX International Champion. 

In the last scene, Danger is seen holding an silver briefcase and still wearing an Willie Steen T-shirt

“Mr.Steen, on Monday night, you will have an chance to join an new stable known as an Firm, that will grab every title in WWX. Remember the doors are  always open and know we are looking for members.”

In the final scene, Danger closes his private locker-room door.

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