An Open Letter to Kurtis Ray

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On Thu, Nov30, 2017 1:33pm America/Phoenix
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An Open Letter to Kurtis Ray


*Static cuts across the screen.  Soon after, the feed switches to a shot of a brown wooden table from above.  On the table rests a piece of yellowed parchment with some words written on it in black ink, along with some other miscellaneous items nearby.  A warm, soft glow from a lantern, which sits next to the letter, illuminates the words.*


*The letter reads as follows.*

Dear Kurtis Ray, 

As you say, the "day of reckoning" draws near.  In a few days, you, me, and Rayne will meet in a triple-threat match to determine the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.  It's a big deal, for sure, and I guarantee it will be a fantastic match.  It's too bad that such a good matchup will go to such waste...because the end result has already been determined.

I am not dismissing your claim to the championship, nor am I ignoring your wrestling skill and prior experience.  Far from it, in fact.  I know what you're capable of, as do you of me.  And I know you've changed, Kurtis.  Oh, how much you've changed.  I've been watching you, if you weren't aware.  I watch everyone in this company to determine who is actually "real" competition.  You certainly fall under that category.  You have done everything you've promised over the past year-and-a-half.  You became World Champion - if only for a few months.  You've beaten men that most didn't even give you a chance against.  In your first year, you main-evented Hall of Pain.  That's very commendable.  The only that you're doing all this in the wrong era.

You see, Kurtis, this is the AGE of Syndicate.  An age ruled by a man who steals the show every damn night.  A man who puts the company on his back and rules with an iron fist.  A man that has elevated the World title to unprecedented heights.  This man is not you, Kurtis.  It will NEVER be you.  You're the current trend.  You're the flash in the pan that electrifies the WWX Universe, eager for a social, captivating presence to support.  You win fans by putting on a show and by pandering to the crowd with your "Hype Train".  You're exciting to watch, and because of that, people lend you their voices when you're in that ring.

I'm not like that.  The WWX Universe supports me because of what I've done, not because of what I have the potential to do.  You have the potential of becoming a two-time champion at Ravage, and the fans will support you for that.  I've already been there, and the Universe RESPECTS me for what I've done, unlike certain people such as yourself.  You and Rayne both harp on me, saying that you're both on the upswing and it'll be one of you two that will dethrone the Outlaw once and for all.  What you're forgetting is that I KNOW what it's like to be in this situation.  I've WON these matches before against better wrestlers than either of you.  I know how to handle this, and I am 100% confident that I'll be able to handle the pressure once again.  You don't become a 5-time champion unless you can.

What I don't think you understand, Kurtis, is that the Undisputed World title is not the only thing on the line here.  No, sir.  My career, my LIFE, revolves around this title, as you've observed.  Without it, I have nothing.  I've already abandoned my family.  My friends are all in LA, cheering me on from my couches.  No one in the WWX likes me because I'm brash and cocky and confident in my abilities.  The World title is what I have, Kurtis.  It's all I've got.  And as such, I will protect it as if it is my lifeblood.  Having this championship over my's all that matters.  It's all that EVER matters.  That's why I'm so good in these kind of high-pressure scenarios: I treat them as if they are life and death.  Other wrestlers don't...and other wrestlers fail.  I will NOT fail.

I have more to lose in this championship match than you will ever know, Kurtis.  The Age of Syndicate cannot and WILL NOT end this week or EVER as long as I'm still around.  I have my championship on the line, but also my pride.  If I can't back up my words with actions, then what do my words even mean?  That is why I will win, Kurtis: because I am DESPERATE.  You saw what I did to Darkness leading up to Hall of Pain.  That desperation that led me to such a dark place has not gone away.  I destroyed that man...and in the same way, I will destroy you, I will destroy Rayne, and I will destroy anyone else who crosses my path.  I will do anything - ANYTHING - to make sure that I win this match.  I am dangerous, I am cold, and I am anything but merciful.  You of all people should know that much.

I will see you at Ravage, Kurtis.  I hope you have some black gear to wear, because you'll be dressing for your own funeral.  Welcome to the Syndicate.


P.S.: Rayne, if you somehow got your grubby little hands on this letter, I didn't forget about you.  You're just not worth writing a handwritten |BLEEP|ing letter to.  I would wish you good luck for Ravage, but that sure as hell won't help you.  Dilly dilly!

*As the camera pans to the bottom of the letter, a hand reaches out and snuffs out the lantern, sending the feed plunging into static.*



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