An Understanding

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An Understanding
*The camera shows a shot of the ground. Grass with a few fall leaves moving across it in the breeze. Then the camera starts to move still focused on the ground. It gains speed moving across rocks, a small stream and now some exposed roots until it's almost a blur. The angle starts to tilt upwards showing the trunks of trees rushing past and the camera continues to speed along. The trajectory of the camera as it continues its tilt upwards it is moving uphill. A break in the trees shows a hooded figure sitting on the crest of hill. The back of the figure is to the camera as it races towards the figure. The camera slows as it reaches the figure. The silhouette gives way to color and what looked like a black hooded cloak becomes a hunter green half cape with Wiccan symbol embroidered on the back, the hem brushing the ground where the figure sits. The camera moves around to the front to show Hex Girl's face framed under the hood. Her eyes closed in mediation. A voice over starts as the camera settles its frame in a straight on shot of her face.*

Hex Girl VO: Witch hunts go back to the times of ancient Rome and Greece. The Romans had laws against the use of evil spells and incantations. It was when an epidemic broke out in 331 BC that they executed 170 women as witches. But that was not the last time the Romans had a witch hunt. Between 184 and 180 BC approximately 5000 were slaughtered being blamed for the outbreak of an epidemic and a senatorial decree severely restricting ecstatic rites celebrated in honor of Dionysus. It didn't stop there with the Romans either though it would be some time after this mass slaughter before the next Roman Witch Hunt. Emperor Tiberius Claudius had 85 women and 45 men executed on suspicion of sorcery in 354 AD. 

*The screen flashes to several scenes of Roman women being slaughtered by soldiers. Each one flashing to a growing pile of bodies. Until a group of Roman legionaries are standing atop a massive pile of bodies.*

Hex Girl VO: In late antiquity witches were not hunted but merely shunned, exiled and otherwise left to their own devices and survival. And survive they did.

*The screen flashes again showing scenes of the old 'witch in the woods' legends.*

Hex Girl VO: Witch hunts didn't really make a come back until the late medieval period in the wake of the Council of Basel. Endorsed and authorized by Pope Innocent VIII in 1484. Sensationalized by inquisitor Heinrich Kramer in his book Malleus Maleficarum in 1487. The Spanish Inquisition did denounce the work but not until 1538. 

*Images of the Spanish Inquisition flash on the screen as she speaks including images of the book. Along with several images of people being executed until finally ending with the dead being stood over by hooded monks.*

Hex Girl VO: After this it wouldn't be until the 17th century when witch hunts would peak again. This time lead the way by Protestant Christians. Convinced witches were in league with the devil and using scripture to justify their zealotry and fanatical actions. In the book of Exodus 22:18 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.' Was the whole basis for this insanity.

England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and America all had their witch hunts during this time. The most famous during this time at least for us here in the United States were the Salem Witch Trials. Which ironically hand the lowest body count of all of the witch hunts. Thirteen women and two men were executed in New England during that period on suspicion of witchcraft. A drop in the bucket to the estimated 50,000 that were killed in witch hunts over a 300 year period from the 15th to the 17th centuries. 

*Images of witch trials and torture methods used to extract confessions or used as forms of execution. Accumulating in a pile of bodies this one becoming the largest yet. In the end a group of people holding pitchforks and torches stand over atop the pile of corpses.*

Hex Girl VO: There are still modern witch hunts. Occurring in what some would consider the far flung corners of the globe. Such as Sub-Saharan Africa, South-Central Asia, and Papua New Guinea others are in more antagonistic areas like Saudia Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Libya. There are some though that are not so far flung. Fundamentalist Christians who have a bug up their ass taking a page out of a Puritan handbook. I've seen it up close and personal.

*Flashes on a news article from when Hex Girl was abducted from the hospital.*

Hex Girl VO: They are eager to torture. Torture to elicit a confession, inspire conversion, or to execute if you refuse.

*Flashes again to the tape of Hex Girl being repeatedly shocked by her captors.*

Hex Girl VO: I was lucky. Somedays I can still feel what they did to me, but I continue to endure... I continue to fight.... I fight through injury.

*Shows clip of Astaroth dislocating Hex's shoulder during a match. Followed by Hex resetting it and continuing with the match.*

Hex Girl VO: I fight with determination.

*A quick montage highlighting that every time she's lost by pinfall her opponent has had to KO her to keep her down for the count.*

Hex Girl VO: You act like you are so magnanimous in changing the match into a title defense. When in truth you are only so confident because you are facing an opponent you are so absolutely convinced you can win against. I doubt you would be so eager if your opponent were someone else. Until your recent win you, yourself were riddled with self-doubt. All vanished away in the blink of an eye by winning a belt. Allow me to make a few things clear. I don't expect anything to be handed to me. If I make it to the top of the dog pile it's because I clawed and climbed my way up there. I don't see myself as a feminist or any of that political bullshit.  Before I was a wrestler I was a fan.  Win or lose I am here to fight and to give the fans the fight they paid to see. If I do anything less than that I am doing the fans and myself a disservice. I cannot afford to look at this match with the viewpoint of how big the size advantage is. I can only look how to best employ my skill set against my opponents. Do not take my previous silence as acquiescence of defeat. Do not believe my small size to be the measure of how much I can endure. Do not confuse me for a fly for I will attack you like a lion.

*Hex Girl opens her eyes.*

Hex Girl: Do not underestimate me. 

*Cut to black.*

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