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On Mon, Dec11, 2017 7:18pm America/Phoenix
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*Black-and-white static ripples across the screen before being replaced with a shot of the inside of a filthy bar, presumably in Dallas, Texas, the site of this week's Ravage.*


*In the corner sits a group of drunk people, laughing their heads off at a joke.  Across the bar, the humble bartender tends to some dirty glasses.  The entire place has a "dive bar" feel to it, with oldies playing on the radio and yellow fluorescent lights "brightening" the place up.  The camera slowly pans to the left, where next to a window sits a man in a black zip-up hoodie.  The man is alone and is looking out the window at pedestrians walking by.  There is no drink on the man's table.*

???: That ring...that's all I have.

*The camera comes closer, and as it does, the man's identity is revealed to be Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  The champ's face is partially covered by his blonde hair, but it is distinguishable nonetheless.  He speaks in a soft tone, as to not disturb the bar's other patrons.*

Syndicate: I've abandoned my family.  I have no real friends.  I have no "other job".  Wrestling is the only thing I've got anymore.  The respect from the fans, the glory of being World champion...that matters more to me than anything else.

*His eyes turn to the lens.*

Syndicate: So when Kurtis Ray asserts that I don't have the resolve to do something like take him out and end his stupid little "Hype Train", I understandably get a little pissed off.  And of course, that's exactly what the little devil wants - hell, he said it himself that he likes to get under my skin.  But let's examine that comment for a second.

*Syndicate cracks his knuckles before speaking again.*

Syndicate: A man without resolve would not have competed for the World title on every pay-per-view since Final Countdown 2016.  A man without such willpower would not have won a World Series match, nor would he have become a five-time World Champion.  And, most importantly, a man without firmness or courage wouldn't be able to put up with your constant bullshit.

*He chuckles.*

Syndicate: Bullshit.  That's what I am, huh?  A big ol' box of bullshit.  Funny.  However, if I'm truly a piece of shit like you say I am, at least I'm plated with CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD.

*That slightly-crazed look from his last video comes back, with all humor fading away.*

Syndicate: Like I said before, Kurtis, I've got nothing left except the World title and the glory that comes with it.  THAT'S what I live for.  THAT'S what I get up in the morning for.  THAT'S why I keep putting up  Kurtis |BLEEP|ing Ray.  One of the most overhyped losers of all time.

Syndicate: You know, as World Champion, I like to busy myself with not only defending the title but also everything else that comes with it.  The interviews, the fan meet-ups, the stockholder meetings, and all that jazz.  But wrestling has always been my top more than ever.  I have a DEATHGRIP on my championship, and I will NOT let it slip away from my fingers.  It's become obvious to me that coming out each and every night to put on a show for the WWX Universe just won't cut it anymore.  No, no, I have to fight back against the tide.  I have to defend my championship with my LIFE.  So, yes, Kurtis...come Ravage, there will be chaos.  There will be absolute anarchy.  And are going to be caught right in the middle of it all.

*He puts his head in his hands as he sighs.*

Syndicate: Every time I feel threatened, every time I have to reassert myself at the top of the pecking order, I reinvent everything about me.  I change my personality, I change my look, I change my way of doing business.  This is yet another EVOLUTION of Syndicate, and just like the others, just like the "resurgence" and my phase of "destruction", EVERYONE will be caught off-guard, and EVERYONE will fall.  I say this with absolute certainty and proof, Kurtis: I am the MASTER at survival and reincarnation.  I JUST WON'T DIE...and I certainly won't die at your hands.

*Looking out the window one last time, Syndicate gets up from his seat and walks out the front door.  He then leans against the brick wall of the bar.*

Syndicate: I will destroy everything you stand for, Kurtis.  I will bring the cyclone of chaos over you, and you will PERISH in the storm.  You can try to fight back, as you most certainly will...but, at the end of the night, I'll be the one that survived.  I'll be the one that weathered the tempest.  I'll be the one...that prevails. the Syndicate.

*Pushing off against the wall, Syndicate walks down the dark Dallas sidewalk as the shot turns into static.*



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