And Here We Go Again...

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Fri, Jul21, 2017 11:45pm America/Phoenix
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And Here We Go Again...
[Inside of a local bar, Krimzon Blaze can been seen surrounded by his closest friends and comrades along with some really hot women around him.]

Homie 1: So you've got Cameron Westport again...

KB: *sigh* Don't remind me, dude thinks he's a Main Event talent when he clearly has no idea what awaits him come Mayhem.

*Alot of OOOOh's come from around the crowd*

KB: It's true Cameron.

*KB looks into the camera as the people around KB have faded to silhouettes*

KB: You honestly believe your some hot shot now because you've had 1 Main Event Caliber match...

As for myself on the other hand... I've lost count.

See, that's what separates you and I Cam.

You have it instilled in your brain that because you've "beat down" myself and Syndicate that you feel like your in your own words "one step away" to the big top.

That is where the similarities stop between us.

You have an athletic background in basketball - Good. Keep that mentality, because this isn't a court, there is no ball, and there is no crowd cheering you on from the sidelines no matter how hard you picture it.

Whereas I...

I've been involved with WWX for a very very long time, and you could even ask the likes of Tommy Lipton, The Lost Soul, Xander Adams, the list goes on and on Cameron.

*KB takes a sip of his beverage*

KB: I take every match seriously Cameron, where you sit there and spit to your friends about how you've "beaten me down" and alot of other nonsense, when you know deep down in your heart you couldn't even hold a CANDLE to me, and I know I'm right about that too.

This match we have at Mayhem - Sure it's an International Title Ranking match, but lets make something clear here: I'm here for the World Championship at any and all costs, and if proving to the higher ups that I have to go through an entire division single handedly, I _WILL_ do it.

Speaking of the International Champion...

Blayde Archer.

*KB laughs*

KB: For someone that loves to basically _COPY_ another fed's faction... You honestly believe some "Blayde Club" makes you some impressive leader... Get this straight Archer: I have no intentions of taking your International Belt, so consider yourself lucky.

*KB takes another drink*

KB: Cameron, at Mayhem, I end this little charade you have against me and I will get back into the World Title Picture, even if it means destroying careers left and right and center to do so.

*Camera slowly fades to black as KB rejoins his friends in the club*

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