And here we go once more

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Fri, Jul07, 2017 9:17pm America/Phoenix
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And here we go once more
The camera opens to a match of WWX Fury '17 on the screen of a very large television. The wrestlers on screen are Jake Devine and Bad Boy Brown, locked in the middle of the ring. Numerous button imputs can be heard on the background, along with grunts. The camera shifts to the right, to find Jake Devine holding a PS4 controller. He gestures for the camera for a second, not wanting to drop focus from the screen.

Jake: Welcome to my house once more. After such a grueling schedule of world travel lately, it's nice to have a break and relax for a few days. Now, I feel 100%, ready to hit the road once more, and fight to my full potential.

Jake mashes the buttons, trying to escape from a sleeper hold. He succeeds, and ricochets off the second rope to deliver a kick right to Bad Boy Brown's face. Jake can be seen laughing, and striking a pose at the same time as his character on screen.

Jake: Haha, how do you like that! Playing video games can be as good as a day of ring practice. See it as a simulation. You can find more spots for potential attacks, like that use of the ropes there, and you can even find some more new moves. Like for example the other day, I was playing against Megan and...NO!

Jake screams, as on the television screen, Bad Boy Brown hits the Ghetto Shocker, pinning Jake for the 3 count. Jake lets out a sigh in frustration, and tosses the controller aside, standing up from his couch.

Jake: God dammit. These kids and their overpowered legend characters. Screw this, I'll go train. You should do the same, Steen. Here we go again, I once more find myself facing Willie Steen in the ring. Willie and I go way back know what? Forget it. Every time we face I tell the same story about how we go way back. Not this time, this got boring. Instead, let's forget about the past and talk about the present and the future. The present: I am really, really close to my desired World Heavyweight Championship title shot, and Willie Steen is right below me in the rankings. Beating Willie Steen will further increase my status and make the title shot even more likely, considering I've been on a high roll as of recent. Meanwhile, Steen lost the Television championship and...that's it. He's done nothing of note recently. Does that mean it's gonna be an easy match? Of course not! I respect Steen, he's one of my natural enemies, and I've learned first hand how tough he can be. I hold as much respect for Steen as I hate him. That's a lot. Steen, I look forward to our next match. Won't be our last, I'm sure. But it will be great. Show me how much you have improved, and I will show you myself.

Jake Devine poses for the camera and walks through the door to his private gym, closing it behind him. The camera fades to black.

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