And now a dragon

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Mon, Aug21, 2017 4:20pm America/Phoenix
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And now a dragon
*Scene opens in the province of Södermanland, in the southeast of Sweden. We see Korath standing near the Ramsund carving, intently inspecting a sword. As the cameras get closer he replaces the blade in its sheath and hangs it from a ring on his belt.

"My match last week was hardly a warm up, the so called 'glorious' Gaijin broke as though made of balsa in less than a minute. As much as I enjoy running over my opponents like a steam roller, I came back to the WWX because I want a challenge, I want excitement. Mr Bourne has come through, and I now face an opponent with an even greater legend than my own. 'The Machine' Xavier Pendragon."

Korath turns to regard the Ramsund Stone, studying it for a moment before he continues.

"Have you heard the legend of Sigurd, Xavier? Well, you might know him by the more common German legend of Siegfried. To make it short he slays the dragon, gets the gold, and becomes a great hero. Yes I am aware that this epic ends in tragedy, but what tale in Norse Mythology didn't. I will never claim to be Sigurd but you Xavier, will be my Fafnir. Like Sigurd, I have my Gram (holds high his right arm) and like Sigurd I will strike you down with one blow.

"I am very aware of your skill Pendragon, and my blood boils with anticipation. I know you are very able to do as I and keep the crowds on their feet, and I also know that like me you are very much able do devastate your opponent, now with that being said and the niceties out of the way..."

Korath turns back to the camera, quickly drawing the sword at his side and pointing at the same time.

"XAVIER PENDRAGON, this Fury you face The Nordic Nightmare, I am a force of nature unlike any other, and for you to overcome me is going to take an act of the gods. Can you find the will to face the coming storm... or will you fall to the beast that is KORATH!"

*Korath re sheathes the sword, then removes it from his belt and lays the weapon upon the Ramsund Stone. He then turns to face the camera, and with a battle cry he charges. The scene fades as his big right arm comes crashing down.

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