And The Credits Go To...

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Sun, Jul23, 2017 5:07am America/Phoenix
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And The Credits Go To...
[ The camera catches Fill as he enters the arena in Boston Massachusetts. He notices that Blayde Archer is cutting a promo for their matches and he stops in his tracks to hear what he has to say. Once the promo is over, Fill smiles while shaking his head and keeps walking. ]

Fill: I don't know when to start anymore. We keep doing this day in and day out, and weirdly enough I feel like Blayde is listening to me as much as I'm listening to him, in other words - not much. You see, the thing with respect is that one can dig deeper and deeper until he gets it. It's so hard to receive it, yet so easy to lose it at the same time. Blayde Archer has done so much in so little time, that much we know already, and you've gotta hand it to the kid, he's worthy of being in WWX. However in the WWX, things don't work so easily. You don't get respect simply by winning over multiple contenders and then bragging about it. You don't get respect by winning titles and showing them off the same way as everyone else, and then talk about being...REAL! Actions don't only speak louder than words, but they show if you're worthy of being respected.

[ Fill walks next to some fans, from which most are wearing Blade Club merchandise ]

Fans: Hey, it's that loser Fill. You'd better be ready to lose to the real champion, face it - you're washed up, accept the Blade Club!

[ Fill stares at the people with a confused look, before his smile grows back and he continues walking as if nothing happened, while at the same time the fans continue to diss him. ]

Fill: Well I see he has received SOME respect. There's no need to insult them back, it's not their fault their taste led them to the Blade Club. Either way, everyone has the right to have their own opinion. You know Blayde, there are moments when we are in the ring and I actually see why you deserve that respect, that is before we go back to the locker rooms and start talking trash about the other... or maybe before we assault someone to prove what...dominance? Why am I saying all of this you may ask. Because Blayde, you took too much credit for things that were not fully correct. The International Title belt is on your shoulder now, that proves enough, right?

[ Fill laughs out ironically before he yells out. ]

Fill: WRONG!!!

Fill: I'm glad you think that I'm a changed man from the time you came around, but why do you think that you should take all the credit? Were you really the reason I started becoming more fierce? Do you remember who burned me so hard that made me want to go through hell and back - that's right - can you feel's the Rayne. And do you remember who eliminated me in the match where I lost the International Championship - Rayne again. Who was attacked by the other members of the Blade Club before the match you became Undisputed Champion - Rayne again! Rayne is the person who brought out the stress, but as many times as you keep saying that I crack under that stress, you look at things the wrong way. I don't simply sit down holding my legs and ask - why is there so much stress? I take that stress with me to the ring and I spread it to anyone who gets in my way. It's not the kind of stress that drives a man into suicidal depression, it's the kind that may confuse my tactics to such a level that not only do I confuse my opponents, even I don't know what I'm doing. However, in the end I'm not always the one who finishes the match on my back hearing the referee count the one - two - three. It's not some lousy gimmick or acting, it's just who I am. My aggression earned me my first International title, the stress earned my second International Title and the WWX World Wrestling Title, so you can keep talking down my style, but nothing will change the fact that they made me one WWX's finest competitors.

Fill: As for me beating you in the First Blood match, the excuse you had to use was that I had help. What help was that - that the arena forgot to pay their electricity bill? No one saw what happened in the dark, but that doesn't mean that I didn't beat you on my own. You beat Rayne thanks to the beating your buddies gave him before the match, and even when that wasn't enough you cuffed me and made me watch. Say what you will, but in the end it's like they say in Assassin's Creed - "Nothing is true, everything is permitted". And speaking of everything being permitted, I get you one more time in a no disqualification match. And what did I hear from you? That you will be putting me through hell? You and what army? You of all people should be competent enough to know that a match without any rules is everyone's game, not just yours. I've been through more than hell for the last two months, and through that hell were a falls count anywhere and a first blood match. That says enough when it comes to a match where it's survival of the fittest. Tell me Blayde, what else is their besides hell when it comes to all that punishment that you and I will put each other through - oblivion? Or maybe purgatory? Whatever it is, I'm taking you there...

[ Fill laughs sadistically ]

Fill: And I'll leave you there without the International Championship.

[ Fade to black ] 

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