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On Tue, May16, 2017 8:21pm America/Phoenix
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[The camera comes to life inside a dark run down warehouse. Inside the warehouse sits a wooden chair. The chair is empty at the moment until two masked men come in and roughly sit a frighten hooded man down in the chair. The man is visibly shaking. Standing off in the corner a figure can be seen holding a lantern.]

The Man: What am I doing here? Why did you take me?

Mask Man 1: You will find out soon enough.

[Just then a single lantern begins to flicker and slightly illuminates the room. The light cast a shadow of the man holding it onto the wall behind him.]

???: Welcome, glad you could join us.

The Man: Who are you and what am I doing here?

???: Oh you should know who I am. You had a lot to say on Ravage during my match. Now you have your chance to say it to my face.

[One of the masked men slowly pulls the hood off the man revealing it to be Lane, the WWx Ravage announcer. Lane adjust his eyes to the dimly lit surroundings and slowly looks around until his eyes come in contact with him.]

Lane: y...y...yy.. you. I didn't mean anything I said Darkness.

Darkness: You announcers never mean anything. You sit on the outside of the ring and think you are better than us. Think you can take us on one on one. Think you can beat us. But what you really are is afraid of us. Afraid what we can do or what we will do. But you never think anyone of us will do something like this. 

Lane: Why are you doing this?

Darkness: Why Lane? Why am I'm doing this? Because Lane, it is time for people to see what it is all about. What we are all about. What the WWX will be all about very shortly.

Lane: You're crazy. What are you talking about?

Darkness: You really want to see Lane? Be careful what you ask for.

[Darkness blows out the lantern causing the room to go completely dark. For a few seconds the room stays dark until finally a set of piercing blue eyes breaks through the darkness.]

Darkness: Welcome to the Dark Abyss. It's coming and in due time it will engulf the entire WWx.

Lane: It will never happen. 

Darkness: Oh it has already begun Lane. Willie Steen and Tanno were the first victims and come Ravage, Rayne will be the next victim. Ravage will see the so called Arch Angel versus the Angel of Darkness. Rayne I fear no man not even the self proclaimed Arch Angel. You see were we differ Rayne is that you asked your subject to meet you. As for me I took what I wanted and on Ravage I will take your wings.

[Darkness closes his eyes and the room goes completely dark again]

Lane: Are you done with me?

Darkness: For now. You can take him back now.

One hour later....

[A black Chevy Suburban pulls in front of the Stampede Corral in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Suburban comes to a screeching stop and the back door opens and out comes Lane rolling to the ground. Lane stands up and turns towards the Suburban.]

Lane: Mr. Stanton and Mr. Tanno will hear about this.

Masked Man 2: He knows and he will be in touch.

[The camera fades as the Suburban speeds off.]

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