Another Exclusive

Roleplay Roleplay by TERRY JACKSON
On Mon, Mar16, 2015 2:22pm America/Phoenix
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Another Exclusive
TJ: Ladies and gentlemen. This is Terry "TJ" Jackson here and I have come across some very disturbing video footage from involving my partner Richard Strussell and several women following the close of Mayhem as it went off the air last week.


Richard Strussell rounds the corner and sees Krystal walk out of the ladies locker room.

RICHARD: Well, here's Krystal, WWX's youngest diva. I don't even know even why they let you in the WWX anyway. You're like 16. You're a freaking minor. Do the WWX a favor and quit. You don't have what it takes to make it here and you'll be dead before you hit 21.

As Krystal starts to make a beeline for Richard, she stops and notices David Dudley walk up behind Richard.

DAVID: Unless you wanna go through the wall here, I suggest you beat it.

Richard turns around and notices David, wielding a tire iron.

RS: Okay, okay. No need to get offensive there Mr. Dynasty.

Richard then leaves the scene.


Beatrice is seen walking with Terry "TJ" Jackson to her Harley and overhears there convo.

BEATRICE: Thanks for walking me to my car.

TJ: No problem Beatrice. I know you and Xavier have a difficult time try to spend time with each other.

BEATRICE: We're used to actually. We developed a system where we see each other during our downtime.

TJ: Has it been working for you guys?

BEATRICE: As a matter of fact, it has. Thanks for asking about that.

TJ: My pleasure miss.

TJ bows and kisses Beatrice's right hand as she hops on her Harley and rides off. Richard then walks up.

RICHARD: Xavier's not being much of a husband is he?

TJ then turns around.

TJ: What are you getting at Richard?

RICHARD: I'm just saying that Beatrice, as fine as she is don't need nor deserve Xavier. What she need is a real man like me. Someone who will be there with her 24/7 and to make sure she does everything a woman is supposed to do: stay at home while taking care of my kids.

TJ: Richard, you've been here only one week and you single-handedly have caused more trouble than I do in a month. You do know if Xavier finds out, he's gonna fire you right?

RICHARD: Xavier can't fire me. I made an iron-clad contract with him stating if I get fired, I get to sue him for every little cotton-picken dime he has.

Richard then walks away, laughing.

scene fades

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