Anxiously Waiting

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 12:38pm America/Phoenix
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Anxiously Waiting
[‘The Darkness Falls’ can be heard muffled, blaring over the sound system. Bishop Polaris is standing in the back, watching a monitor as Tom Black enters the ring for Mayhem. His arms are crossed and he is impatiently pacing. The monitor shows Black and Justice Johnson standing across the ring from each other before the match. Bishop plops down into a chair, rubbing his temple.]

Polaris “People can speculate what they will about my relationship with Tom Black. That I’m using him as my muscle. That we are a randomly paired, disorganized team. I’d prefer our opponents buy into that, but that’s not true.”

[The bell rings and the wrestlers lock up, Polaris falls silent as he watches the match, invested in every punch and grab. The camera pans around facing Polaris, with the monitor out of view.]

Polaris “One upon a time we were a randomly paired, mis match of a team. Then in our first match together we defeated 420, legends of the WWX and we beat them in their return. Then we won a #1 contender’s match and found ourselves in a championship match. Nobody believes in us as a team. They are convinced I have ulterior motives and that I’m using Black as a vehicle to the platform I so badly want to secure. Maybe at first, but now… now I fully understand what we’re intended to do as a team. We balance each other. What I lack in aggression, he more than compensates. What he lacks in strategy and a bigger picture, I provide. We pair together perfectly.”

[Polaris shoots up to his feet in reaction to the match, silently in shock he slowly settles back into his seat anxiously watching the match.]

Polaris “Tom… is strange. Misunderstood, but I think I’ve got a grip on his mindset. I can help him as he can help me. We’ve grown together. Our tales in the WWX have woven together and by the looks of things it’s going to stay like that. We have so much to gain together, both in union and as individuals growing from experience. Perhaps… maybe even as brothers.]

[Polaris once again lurches forward towards the monitor this time saying under his breath “Come on big guy.” He falls silence watching the match and eventually waves away the camera.]

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