Apache, Jump On It

Roleplay Roleplay by GARY TINORDI
On Fri, May04, 2018 8:14pm America/Phoenix
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Apache, Jump On It
(Scene opens on the screened-in porch at the 420 residence.  There is a large, circular, wooden picnic table with the wraparound bench towards the right side of the porch next to the sliding glass door leading into the house.  In the middle of the table sit the WWX Tag Team Championship Belts, neatly folded and set up next to a large glass bong.  To the left side of the porch sits a couple of speakers, a large kegerator with 2 taps, and a few nice, leather lounge chairs.  Two of those chairs are occupied by Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook.  Tinordi is wearing a pair of black track pants, a red Lagunitas shirt, and a grey floppy hat.  Glazebrook is wearing a pair of red lacrosse shorts and a plain grey t shirt.)

Glazebrook – Whaddup, Cameraman?

Tinordi – Hey… how’s it going?

Cameraman - Hey guys...

Glazebrook - So, what's up with you getting a match by yourself this week?

Tinordi - Not sure... I'm not in charge.  Who is it against?

Glazebrook - Uhh... I'm not sure.

Cameraman - You are facing Hex Girl.

Glazebrook - Woah... a chick?

Tinordi - Oh yeah!  That's one of those chicks that we beat a few weeks ago when there were 3 tag teams, remember?

Glazebrook - Uh... not really.

Tinordi - Yeah, dude.  I bet she requested this match.  I think she was hitting on me all during the match and stuff.  She grabbed my butt.

Glazebrook - Dude, you a mad chick magnet.

Tinordi - Hey, man.  That chick can't help it if she has good taste in men.

Glazebrook - Maybe you could slip her your phone number while you guys are in the ring.

Tinordi - Maybe I could slip her the tongue.  But all that will have to wait, my friend.  Because when that bell rings, it is all business, you know?  That hooker Hex Girl may not be able to turn off the switch when she is staring across the ring from 6'4" and 270 pounds of pure manliness.  I will have to, though.  I can't fall into any seductive siren type trap those skeezers are known for.  It will be 100% focus on the task at hand.

Glazebrook - The back hand...

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... she gonna bring me back to my old school Indian roots.  You know that I was a member of the tribe Smack-a-hoe, right?

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude.  Thank God for the ERA.

Tinordi - Well, yeah.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have much to go on when comparing pitchers in baseball.

Glazebrook - What?

Tinordi - I don't know.  What the hell are you talking about?

Glazebrook - Uh... I can't remember.

(Glazebrook pulls out a small glass bowl and takes a hit while Tinordi is talking.) 

Tinordi - Oh yeah, so Hex Girl... we just did this dance a few weeks back, but for some reason, they want to isolate you with the one and only G Ride... and trust me... you will want to fasten your seat belt, there, sweetheart.  It will be a bumpy ride.

Glazebrook - I'll show her a bumpy ride.

Tinordi - No way, dude.  I saw her first!  Anyway, this week at Ravage, I'm going to show you what time it is, even though you already know.  Cause when you step in the ring with 420, we're gonna treat you like a roach and smoke ya.

(Glazebrook exhales a large cloud of smoke into the camera until it encompasses the entire screen before fading to black.)

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