Are the Tag Champions returning to Ravage?

On Fri, May19, 2017 11:30pm America/Phoenix
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Are the Tag Champions returning to Ravage?
We are aware that Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister have seen the new Ravage card naming the Tag Champions as part of the main event match. The Tag Team Champions are not expected to show as they are exclusive to Mayhem.
Tommy Lipton had this to say ... 

TL: So Tanno doesn't take the fault here at all. Instead he decided to blame others for Ravages fall from grace... Well I have seen the new card and respect the way it was booked. Rex and I will discuss upon ourselves .. are we going to come? stay tuned. 

We can assure that after Stanton replaced Tanno as the one and only GM that this shake up could bring back Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister... the two men have been on a mission to stir the pot here in the WWX and help build viewership. The two have as Well been successful in the Tag division boosting the interest in the division amongst WWX fans. Time will tell if they will return to Ravage. They currently have a title defense on Mayhem and we believe at this time that is their one and only focus. 
Tune in daily as we will have more to report as this unfolds. 
I am Chris Sanders and you are watching the WWX Network.


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