Are We That Different?

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On Sat, Jul08, 2017 1:52pm America/Phoenix
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Are We That Different?
[ The segment takes place in a small room. The only things in the room are a chair, and a desk with a laptop on it. There's a person sitting on the chair, but the only thing he does once the camera enters the room, is to get up and press a button on the laptop. All These Years by Adema begins to play, as the chair slowly turns to the side, enough for the camera to see that it's Fill. He seems relaxed and with his eyes closed ]

One got addicted
And the other ran away
Some settled down a familiar place
One let's go of the wheel
While the other one steers
One got the money that the other put away
Some held their ground and the others couldn't stay
A few just followed their dreams while the others stood clear

After all these years
After all these years

Fill: It's amazing how different people can be. I admit I don't remember the name of the person I debuted against. What memory I have from those days were that I came here with the stupid intention of simply beating people up with no remorse. I didn't care what people thought of me, all I wanted to do was hurt others. With those intentions in mind, I lost. Before our match, all my opponent had to say was that he had entered the business for his family and that every match he competed in was for them. Name one in this business who fight for his family right now - I thought so. Unfortunately my opponent didn't take that momentum and carry on, he dropped out of the business only a few weeks later. I on the other hand didn't look back at that defeat and carried on with my own career. Once I moved forward, my intentions slightly changed and instead of hurting people for the sake of it, all I wanted to do was fight. Everyone in WWX knows how to do that, but not everyone can win. Before you knew it, I was paired up with a person who had a past to deal with, only he had turned the pain from that past into a smile. He didn't dwell in sadness, he enjoyed the thrill of the fight just as much as I did. That person helped me take my first step forward, by winning the WWX Tag Team titles with me.

Fill: My next challenge was the International Championship, which at the time was held by Max Glory. That man had all the hype, he had all the right words to make the crowd love him, he was a people person. Alas, he failed to hype me, all he did was piss me off and I took my anger out on him to win my first singles title. As much as I disliked him back then, I'm a bit disappointed he never came back. About the same time I met two other people that wanted to beat whoever they had to, to show the WWX that they would be the next big thing in this business. One's nature was positive, just like mine is now, he didn't do it to punish others for his own ideals. The other was more sinister than that and started his career here by taunting and attacking me. Before you knew it, those three different personalities became one of the most memorable stables in WWX's history - When Worlds Collide. Korath, Rayne and I joined forces in order to stop The Insurgence from their "dominance", the reason I say it like that was because they didn't abide by the rules, they didn't follow any laws, all they did was play every dirty trick in the book, only to end up at some club with many women and show off for everything they had accomplished in their miserable career. All the accomplished was...nothing.

It feels like some days that the sun never shines
I can't decipher all these riddles and rhymes
They're going down in flames
They're burning alive
I just can't take this anymore
One looked back at the past and I'm finally here
After all these years

[ The song continues to play, as Fill finally opens his eyes and looks at the camera with an emotionless expression on his face ]

Fill: As much as I know you've heard this all before, the reason I'm telling it all again is - well it's Blayde Archer. Blayde, as much as I agree you and I have our differences, there are some things that actually make us nearly similar. Sure you started your career with a bang while I was just another name on the roster, but our careers blasted off with winning the International Championship. Both of us had people who were with us who made it all possible. Both of us have a history that would make us go back and stop it from happening - your land was stolen, mine was under slavery for many years. Your people are currently looked at as if they don't belong, mine are a nation that hardly anyone knows exists. But both mine and yours found a way to survive after everything they went through. And here we stand, the two of us who were looked after by people who had it worse than us so many years ago. We found our own way of life, we fought with blood, sweat and tears to get where we are.

[ All of a sudden Fill breaks into a sadistic laughter ]

Fill: Alas, the fact that we have taken the same way will have it's negative way on one of us. I have heard plenty of times that I've made mistakes that have lead to my downfall, this time I'll say it to you. You made the mistake of finishing what Rayne started - you have slowly started bringing my old side back. What I did for the people that watch over us, the sounds of the crowd cheering my name while I stand in the ring - I've nearly stopped hearing them. I've nearly stopped noticing everyone who are wearing shirts with my name on it, with my phrases on it, merchandise has no meaning to me. As much as I loved the attention, being the person everyone loves has always been at the far end of my mind. The part that says - I DON'T CARE!.

[ Fill gets up from the chair and starts walking from one end of the room to the other, while bumping his fist in his other hand and still smiling ]

Fill: You sent Rayne on his way to who knows where, maybe a hospital, maybe his home, wherever he may be I am only guessing he's thinking the same thing I am - Blayde Archer must suffer. The Blade Club have started repeating history by doing exactly what The Insurgence did. You walk over everyone in the WWX like you are immortal, like you are unstoppable. You want everything the WWX has to offer - The International Championship, The Tag Team Championship, and eventually you will set your sites on The Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. That's all fine and dandy, everyone wants that, however there is one plot hole in your plans. Along with the money, the fame, the glory, the success - it's always followed by failure. Like every champion that has come and gone before you, they have lost. Everyone is waiting on that moment, and so am I. Once we enter that ring, there will be one thing the two of us will be hunting - each other's blood. You have nothing to lose from this match, your title isn't up for grabs. Me - I still have my pride, my dignity, my self respect, you want to take that all away - fine by me. You can hit me, you can kick me, you can put me down - I will find a way to get back up and return the favor. In my eyes, once that match is over both of us will be covered in blood. The real question is will it be your blood, will it be my blood - or will we both bleed. 

[ At one point Fill stops walking around, as he looks at his hands - they have started slightly shaking. Fill's eyes grow wide as he starts laughing again ]

Fill: This feeling, oh how I've missed it. Blayde, Blayde - oh Blayde - you wanted respect, you wanted my career, but you will get something much - MUCH worse. YOU HEAR ME BLAYDE ARCHER - MAYHEM'S NEAR...and so is the stress - FEEL THE STRESS!!!

[ Fill continues laughing as the segment fades to black ]

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