Are you really that stupid?

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Dec06, 2017 6:46am America/Phoenix
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Are you really that stupid?
[The camera opens up showing the Texas Center in Houston. The camera goes into the parking lot where the signature black Ferrari pulls into the parking lot. Almost instantly, the car is shut off and the door opens. Rayne walks over and pops up the trunk as he reaches in grabbing his bag. Wearing cut off jeans and a tank top, he turns around and looks at the camera].

Rayne: How'd I know id see you here?

[The camera man mumbles something under his breath].

Rayne: Thats sweet. I hope you all had the same pleasure that I did here just recently. Our resident geriatric has finally spoken going into this match. At first, I was surprised that he would grace us with his presence because this isnt technically a title match. But then *laughs* then he decided to blame me for locking him in his room or some sh*t like that. Really? 

[Rayne sets his bag down].

Rayne: Listen, if I was going to do anything to you, I would have kicked that door in and kicked your sorry as* like I have the last two times that we have met. I can see why they continue to throw you and Syndicate together though, the two of you have such big egos your promos write themselves. While you think that I locked you in your room or something, it wasnt me. Whoever did it was no more of a coward than Syndicate or normally you are, so consider it just dues at this point. You continue to underhand your way out of every situation, and someone got tired of it and caught up to you with it. But *points at himself* it wasnt this guy. 

[A noise can be heard as he pulls his phone out of his pocket. He looks at it and slips it back in].

Rayne: Darkness, I know you are sitting somewhere and you are going to see this. I know that you are intently waiting for me to talk all kinds of trash about you but whats the point? Everything I have wanted to do to you, I have done in the ring. At this point, I have nothing left to prove to you. You can say I dont belong here and so on, but tell me, other than the time you cheated, how many times has he beat you? How many times have you been down this road to lose? Eventually someone has to step up and take the crown, and that someone is going to be me. 

[Rayne takes a breath].

Rayne: Darkness...buddy...Listen. I have had a revelation about you. I hope you are sitting for this one. I...COULD...CARE....LESS...ABOUT...YOU! 

[Rayne wipes his brow as he lets out another small laugh].

Rayne: I am sure that stung, hurt, and maybe will require you to take alittle more heart medicine. The fact that I dont care about the “oh so great” Darkness might sting more than you can handle. To think, someone doesnt care about what you say because you are supposed to be the almighty here.  I have to admit to you that you were an uncalculated risk going into this one. I didnt think about you. I figured you would have been too beat up and tired to come down, but you proved me wrong. Bravo!

[Rayne lets out a small sarcastic clap].

Rayne: Fact of the matter comes down to this Darkness. I could ultimately care less who they throw against me to get my shot at the championship. I should have had it this last week and been moving on to Holiday Hell to take you out once and for all. But that didnt happen because of YOU. It wasnt because of Syndicate. He wasnt going to beat Kurtis or I. We proved that man cant handle both of us. It was because of YOU. So, tonight, I get to exact my revenge and show the world what you all have made me become once more. I get the chance to show you all the silent assassin at work. I hope you are watching for it darkness, because I am about to put on a damn clinic. The time has come...I am better try and escape with your walker...dont run. I dont want you breaking a hip before our match. 

[Rayne reaches down grabbing his bag as he throws it over his shoulder].

Rayne: As for you Syndicate, keep silent, its whats best for you. I dont want to hear anymore about how great you are. 

[Rayne turns from the camera and walks towards the arena. He reaches into his pocket pulling his phone out and putting it up to his ear as the scene fades to black].

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