#ArtFilm (v. Rayne)

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Wed, Nov15, 2017 10:53pm America/Phoenix
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#ArtFilm (v. Rayne)
(A snail crawls across the screen, rendered in black ans white. Surprisingly upbeat music plays in the background as the snail creeps along it's way until suddenly, a crow darts down out of the sky and snatches it. The camera focuses on the crow as it flies away. THe music changes to a more forlorn key, and the camera turns to focus on an old subway car, stripped out and in the process of rusting away.)

KURTIS (VO): Train yard. Introspection. Convoluted metaphor about the past. Same tired spiel about how someone's going to get beat up.

(The cameraman climbs up into the rusted subway car, jumping back when a rat pops out from under one of the seats and scurries off. The music swells again, becoming much more inspiring with a key change and a tempo change.)

KURTIS(VO): It's kind of like a rap battle. You take the same things you keep saying that you think are sore spots that I already called attention to. Insult the fact that I lost to Syndicate, who is currently the World Champion, who I don't think you've ever beaten, I could be wrong. But you know what, man? It doesn't matter.

(The camera turns to reveal Kurtis Ray with a bemused expression on his face.)

KURTIS: I'm honestly not even sure it's worth taking shots at you, Rayne, cause you're just going to come back and say the same thing. 'I'm gonna beat you, you're delusional, et cetera, et cetera, blibbity bloo blah bleah." I'll give it to, ya, buddy, you took the easy flies I sent at you, you Donald Trumped it up in such a way that you think it makes me sound like a delusional idiot, and then you 8-miled it back at me. Good job, you're at least as good at your job as the villains in an Eminem movie from a decade and a half ago.

(Kurtis leans back in the seat, stretching and making a show of yawning.)

KURTIS: Don't get confused, this isn't me saying I'm impressed. I mean, okay, it's impressive how you can cut so many promos and always say the same thing over and over. It's sad that you think that it's going to get you anywhere. You know what? You're right. I didn't with the Crusade Cup. I didn't win the World Title the same night, because I was so far up my own ass that when I had Syndicate beaten I decided I wanted to break him. I've lost a lot of matches. But that doesn't matter. Whether I won or whether I lost has no bearing on our match on Ravage.

(Kurtis raises from his seat, hopping out of the Subway car. He walks a ways, coming up to a bus stop, where he stops.)

KURTIS: I made a decision a while ago to not be defined by my past failures or successes. So while I do bring those things up, it's not something that makes or breaks me. It's something to get under your skin, which I can't honestly tell if I've done, because you're still cutting the same promo over and over again that you've been cutting since before Hall of Pain, about how you're such a badass and how I should be worried going into Ravage, but you want to know the gospel, god fearing truth of the whole thing, Stormy? I'm not afraid of a beating. Never have been. I've made a career of taking beatings and giving 'em out. I win a whole lot more than I lose. You go ahead and bring your a-game. Take as much as you can out of your whooping account at the Bank of Ass and you make sure I feel every bit of it. It won't be enough. Sure, in your delusional art-film fantasy world, you walk away the victor. In the Hollywood movie version of this match, that's not how things go down. I'm the one that fills up theaters. You're more 'direct to dvd' fare.

(Kurtis grins, taking out his phone and tapping at the screen for a moment.)

KURTIS: My ride's gonna be here in a minute, so I gotta wrap up this little experimental venture. So Rayne, I hope you come into this match with a full head of steam, ready to do some damage. That will make it a lot more satisfying when you're laying in the ring, looking at those bright overheads and wondering what the hell just hit you. I'll tell you what hit you; two words, nine letters, and it always ends with a 'Choo choo.'

(A car pulls up to the bus stop and Kurtis climbs in.)

KURTIS: All aboard.

(The camera clicks off, then goes to a credit sequence.)

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