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On Thu, Mar29, 2018 9:49pm America/Phoenix
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Inside a Washington Night Club Tommy Lipton enjoys some cocktails with a few friends. He is in a blue collar up shirt with the top couple buttons undone and is wearing faded denim jeans sporting Vans for his kicks. On the table infront of him along with the drinks, sits the freshly polished WWX Undisputed Championship. Tommy taps his glass against the face plate and cheers it. 

Tommy: To the Next Generation! 

Tommy smiles as his buddy jokingly head locks him.

Buddy: c'mon now you aren't letting what that b#/ch said get to you?! 

Tommy let's out a huge laugh!

Tommy: Oh hell no man! But Syndicate is right, it's not the past... it's the now and... 

Tommy looks at the belt and grins.

Tommy: And he is right, it's 2018 and I am just as I was 10 years ago, the Champion! Makes me a very legitimate Undisputed Champ if I don't say so myself!

Buddy: Sure does bro! Man it's been years and honestly I never thought You would return. 

Tommy: For awhile after Armada 2012 I didn't think I would. I did feel it was time to split, move on and retire... But the WWX is my home, it is where Tommy Lipton lives! I am never ever going to leave again! 

Buddy: I feel ya bro! Cheers.

His budd raises his glass and Tommy meets him with his. 

Tommy: Syndicate, he may think I am poison or suffocating the WWX ... 

His friends begin shaking their heads in disagreement. 

Tommy: But I do not think the fans share his thoughts and opinions, for he may not think the WWX needs me but when I am out there buddy, man, when I am out there and they cheer my name, it seems to me they do. Not just that they need me but even more, that they want me here. They want me as their Champion! 

Blade Rickman: yeah they do. 

Blade arrives patting Tommys back and taking a seat with the gang. 
Tommy takes a sip of his drink and leans back. He chuckles a little... 

Tommy: As for being a savior... I did make that claim... along with Rex McAllister... and you know something Guys, we followed through with it. We said we were here to save the WWX starting with the Tag division and what did we do Syndicate? 
That's right I will direct my focus too you now. 
As you did for me earlier. 

Tommy looks at the camera and winks. 

Tommy: Syndicate, Rex and I kept the Tag division alive for a year longer than it was expected to last. Originally the word from the top was that Ranger and his BOD were looking to close up that division until Rex and I gave it reason to keep on going. Let's see how well you and Darkness do.... 
I then said I would move on to save the WWX Championship, I took it off of Xavier and have been a fighting champion traveling around the world representing this here title and this Federation! It's not Syndicate versus Kurtis Ray reruns week in and week out now, for now we have added diversity! We have, Kurtis, you, Darkness, Rex, Jake Devine and more coming in to this division. So far that too sounds like a better scene then we have had as of late... 

Tommy slams his one fist on top of the table. 

Tommy: As for claiming I am trying to steal the spotlight, I earned my own spotlight as I have always done. I am sorry you wished this belt was still with you and a guy like me wasn't blocking your way. Since I have come back I have been doing my own thing, messing around in the Tag Team Division, a division that was hugely struggling, I actually kept away from the WWX Championship scene for a long while... I clearly wasn't after spotlights and yet...

Tommy sets the glass on the table next to the belt. 

Tommy: ... The spotlight found it's way to me AND as  for your claim about me not allowing you to have a modern era and that I am trying to live out my glory days...

Tommy shakes his head and frowns.

Tommy: Clearly I just called you out on that bull shit!

Tommy leans forward getting a bit closer to the camera. 

Tommy: Syndicate, when I was coming up I too had to deal with legends from the past, the difference, I didn't complain about it. In fact I embraced it! I welcomed the challenge. I felt honored standing in the ring with the men I grew up admiring! You may say you respect my past but Syndicate, you sure don't respect the fact of that in which you have in front of you...

Tommy: Today in your Federation, is one of the bests of all times! Rather than being excited to have such a noteworthy main event for the WWX Championship With a legend you watched growing up.... instead of being honored... instead of being excited ... You do what you do best, you bi$%# and whine.... Again proving a point and showing that today's generation lacks a certain attitude my generation had... Maybe the real reason the Federation faces it's struggles is because of this attitude! 

Again Tommy slams his hand down on the table which spills some of the drinks.

Tommy: Where's the hungry competitors? Where is the footage of superstars trash talking one another!? Some weeks I find it very quiet in the WWX... Sometimes when I go to WWX Network Live it is just static...  BUT do you know what I do not find? Something I have always noticed? When men are set to face me they find their voices.... they film that footage and they strike at me... It was once said I bring out the best in my opponents, and each time I face off against someone I really do feel they aim to give me their best, and that's what I want... I want you at your best. 

Tommy leans back and folds his arms. 

Tommy:  Syndicate you come out to talk about how I make excuses, I listen to you quoting me, saying till now I've been playing and that's a cop out...  honestly lets clear this matter up right now... what I meant by that was that before I wasn't seeking spotlights or championships, although I found both, I wasn't hunting for them but NOW... Now I seek to reign as the Undisputed Champion and head to Armada to face Jake Devine in the main event... I have one mission and I plan to see it through. Syndicate, you mentioned your knee is sore and you may not be at your best and that to ME sounds like you yourself are setting up excuses for a loss you will not escape. Now unfortunately I do know your knee probably is a bit banged up, I think 90 percent of this roster on any given night are sore from bodily abuse .. my knee is always sore! I have injured that and many other parts of my body over the years but come Ravage, Syndicate, the only pain I plan to focus on is that in which I plan to unleash on you. 

Tommy raises his glass. His buddies raise theirs. 

Tommy: Ravage is going to be one more successful title defence and one more reason for Jake Devine to realize, I Am Coming! 

Buddies: CHEERS!!

They all clang their glasses against each others beer spills over the lips as they drink back and the scene fades out

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