Autograph signing and interview

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On Wed, Jan24, 2018 2:09pm America/Phoenix
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Autograph signing and interview
(Mellon is attending a California Comic-Con where he was around many other professional and fictional characters. Mellon found his booth was very busy that day. The WWX had done a good job promoting the event and making it worth everyone's time. Mellon was signing action figures, stuffed animals, clothing and photos. Also, Mellon had donated his time to take pictures with the fans. Included in this event Mellon would also cut a promo for the upcoming weekend's match with Jake Devine and his coming championship match with Hex Girl in two weeks. The crew set up and Mellon took a quick break from signing.)

Lane: Welcome WWX Universe! I'm standing here with the International Champion Bob the Beast Mellon who is scheduled for a match this weekend with Jake Devine. How are you feeling about this weekend?

Mellon: Well, you know something Lane, I hate to be that guy, but I'm feeling pretty darn good about this weekend. I've seen the tape and I've seen what this man can do and frankly I know I can compete. We aren't dealing with a technician here. We aren't dealing with the brightest and most agile of the WWX. Sure, he's got himself a pretty little resume but it takes more than a resume for me to start getting nervous. 

Lane: So is that a prediction? Do you expect to move on in the Crusade Cup?

Mellon: Of course we all imagine that we will move on and be one step closer to the mountaintop but I would be a moron to say that I am guaranteeing a win. Frankly, Devine clearly must have seen a psychic because if anyone was paying attention to WWX Heat you'd have noticed the man said that he expects a win. After that, he then put down the rest of the roster by saying as soon as he was done with me that it would be smooth sailing the rest of the way. I fear that Jake doesn't quite understand that even after me the hill only gets steeper and more dangerous. 

Lane: So, should Devine not be worried about you?

Mellon: (Mellon Laughs) You misunderstand me... I'm just saying this is no walk in the park for any of us and his cocky approach can be equated to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past weekend. They spent the whole week boasting and bragging about how they were going to beat the Patriots and eventually win the Super Bowl. They looked so confident and were underestimating not only their upcoming opponent but their eventual opponent afterwards. What did the Pats do? They kept quiet, did their homework and relied on their system. There is a reason why we all invest in Netflix, Starbucks, and Nike. They are efficient, well-run systems. The WWX has those as well. I am one of them. I haven't been the WWX International Champion for this wrong by not doing my job, creating a system and executing said system. 

Lane: Now what about Hex Girl?

Mellon: You know, I have tried and tried with this woman. She remains to keep me in the dark about everything. No comment, no mention, no promo since I made my point last weekend. To me, it looks like she is more interested in other things than a shot at my International TItle. Now this is a feud that has gone on for a long time but like so many feuds in the WWX, the potential may be there for something top notch, but one side seems to be extremely underwhelming and frankly, everything falls out from underneath it. We saw that with Tom Black. The man basically gives me the International Title on a silver platter and then, in turn, challenges me and blows not one but two golden opportunities. So would I be surprised if Hex blows the opportunity? No. She's a child. Plain and simple.

Lane: Harsh words about Hex...

Mellon: In this world, you have to be willing to take what you want so if you are going to sit there and let it slip out of your grasp then I have no pity for you. Each and every one of my opponents has proven to me that they don't want to seize the moment. They talk a big talk at first and then they fizzle out. I have tried to make the International division exciting but I find that the WWX would be better suited with one title. Everyone should chase the World Title and those of us fight to make it to the top. Then you wouldn't have champions like myself who are bored and often looking for something better. If the International division was like the World Title division, you'd see me in a lot more meaningful matches and fewer matches with guys like Tom Black. I'm hoping Hex gets it together but I'm not impressed. 

Lane: Back to the Crusade Cup, is there anyone in the tournament that worries you?

Mellon: I am never worried but I am aware that there are some damn good opponents that I have to watch. The only man that has pinned me during my reign has been Syndicate when he was the World Champion. I've also proven that I can beat past world champs and I actually have beaten the current world champ. I know what I am capable but I also know that anyone can get the upper hand on any given day. I'm prepared and will do whatever it takes to win on any given day. They don't call me the Real-Deal-Heel for anything. All I have to say is, Devine, bring your best because I most certainly will be bringing mine. Just be prepared. 

(Mellon flexes into the camera which gets a mix of boos and cheers. He then heads back to the table for more signings and pictures with the fans that are lined up. Camera fades.)

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