Back at the office

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Tue, Dec26, 2017 8:05pm America/Phoenix
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Back at the office
….”I am willing to give Fozzy Ozbourne until this Saturday at our next live show to reconsider terminating his contract with the company. 

More on this situation as it develops’”.

Jarvis closes his phone fast after reading the latest news coming from WWX website. He looks up while setting in a char that is placed around a white table. There is white cabinets and a dual blue countertop with a microwave on it along with some napkins and plastic untientials.

A tall, thin, blond haired lady walks into the room. She goes to the coffee vending machine and looks a couple seconds before putting her money in. She makes her selection and waits while the machine makes her cup of coffee. She turns around slightly and notices Jarvis setting at the table. Her coffee stops dripping as it is finished. She reaches down and picks her coffee up before she turns and walks over to jarvis. Jarvis looks up as she approaches him. He smiles and gets a smile in return.

Lady: May I? she says motionion to the chair

Jarvis: Ofcourse you can Steph.

Now the lady known as steph sets down before resting her cup of fresh coffee n the table. 

Steph: How’s your day going Jarvis:

Jarvis Shrugs 

Jarvis: It has been a interesting day to say the least. Getting razed by your buddies that you lost to a man named Super Bacon kinda sucks, and now I just found out our TV Champ decided to ditch out. A man who I was wanting to get in the ring with, but a brite point….WWX got my ame right in the card for once!

Steph leans back wide eyes before leaning forward again letting air out.

Steph: Well, that sounds like a heck of a day.

Steph looks around the break room a few seconds not talking…

Jarvis: Let me guess (Steph perks up)

Steph: What?

Jarvis: You were going to say something about that bacon guy huh?

Steph kinda blushes and smiles before tilting her head slightly downward.

Jarvis: Ah it’s ok. Maybe i took him lightly, maybe too lightly. But that was last week and now its a new week where i can try and redeem myself. Damian Price is up next and I’m not taking anyone lightly anymore. 

Steph takes a drink of her coffee.

Steph: I have been a fan of WWX for a long time, and i think it's just fabulous that you wrestle for them. Hell i didn't even know you did. I saw the news too about Fozzy. Damn shame!

Jarvis: I just saw it and have no idea what to think. All i know is that Television Championship is going to be up for grabs now, and I’m thinking about letting Damian be my first step towards that championship. Damian better be ready for a focused Jarvis come show time. I think i'm going to talk to boss man and take some vacation days. Take that time to go down to Corpist and get training for the rest of the week Get my flying out of the way so I can be fresh unlike what I did last week and fly down the day of. 

Jarvis makes a loud screeching noise as he slides his chair back to stand up. Steph looks up and Jarvis before standing up herself.

Steph: Maybe sometime if you don't mind u could come with you one of these weeks?

Jarvis: I don’t know about that. I take my shows very serious, even more so now after last week. I can’t be distracted anyway shape or form. Damian is my start button to my game getting to the top of WWX. Say you came with me this week. I would love to have a guest with me….

Steph interrupts

Steph: You had that kid…

Jarvis: (while smiling) Yes i did, but that's a little boy and it was christmas time.  You are a attractive lady and im sure you would have tons of questions. Say if i let you come this week. I wouldn't be able to put a hundred percent in the week because you would be there. 

Steph: Well….ok….At least get a “W” this week! I know i'll be watching!

Jarvis:  That’s the goal.  All these people to me so it's exciting to compete against them, but if my plan works out i'm going to get that “w” and that will start my journey to the top. 

Awesome to have you as a fan Steph. I'll get you something autographed or something when I return next week.

Steph smiles before Jarvis turns around and starts to walk. He exits the breakroom before walking down a hall to a large open area with about fifteen desks and numerous people.  Jarvis turns down a row of desk as people start to look at him snickering and talking quietly to each other before reaching his desk.

Jarvis looks at his desk for a couple seconds before looking up with a smerk oh his face. Everyone starts to laugh as we see bacon everywhere on his desk and chair as the scene fades to black.

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