Back in the saddle

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Oct25, 2017 12:29pm America/Phoenix
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Back in the saddle
[The camera opens up in what appears to be a very large building in Chicago. The night lights are starting to kick on as the sun is begining to fade. Numerous noises can be heard from the traffic from police sirens, to people arguing, to your normal car honking people thinking that they are going to get somewhere faster. The words “Vali-Ent Tower” can be seen as the building appears to be a former shell of itself. The camera pans through as the person running can be heard].

???: Is this the right place? 

[He reaches into his pocket and looks through a pile of papers as wrappers and other things hit the floor].

???: Ninety ninth floor?! Are you serious?! Thank god the elevator still has power.

[He climbs into the elevator and takes the long descent up to the top. Upon arrival, the man walks out to a semi broken glass floor. In the distance, their feet kicking out the window, a voice can be heard].

???: Dont be scared. It wont fall through, I promise. 

[The camera man slowly starts out near the siloutette. The person keeps looking out the window].

???: Take a breath of the air. Its so beautiful here at night. Or atleast it used to be. Reminds me of home. 

[The person gets out of the window and stands pushing their hood back. The long black hair falls as Rayne stares off into the night].

Rayne: This place has a meaning that most dont even begin to remember to me. When I had been told what this place was, what it was going to be the housing of...I never imagined what it could mean to me. Hall of Pain continues to quickly approach as the fans are just as ready as the superstars. Things seem to be getting rushed forward far more than anticipated, but I take it all in stride. 

[Rayne turns around and leans into the seal of the broken window as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Two matches, one night. I guess management is trying to see if I still have what it takes to compete at the top level, as both matches will be more than physical. A tag match, with a brother in arms, and the elusive race for the case, the chance to get hold of a title shot at any point in time. I wasnt originally going to be part of this match, but why not? I figure with all the talent that has been placed in this one, I should go ahead and see what happens. But that is for later. 

[Rayne looks out into the night as more people can be heard arguing below. He steps out alittle and sees them below as he shakes his head in disgust and continues speaking].

Rayne: The tag match I guess would be a good place to begin. After this tournament was announced, Fill and I had talked about what would happen if we were to all get split up. Knowing that it was a possibility for that to happen, we all agreed that we would fight until the very end, whether it be with or against each other. Fill and I had gotten paired up together, and we intend to hold that promise as both of our friends are still within the ranks of the tournament. However, after winning our match last week and defeating one team, Ranger decided that he wanted to take it upon himself to put is in a second match. This time around, we are taking out two people that I have gotten to know very well for different reasons. 

[He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a bottle of water taking a drink as he continues speaking].

Rayne: First off Xavier Pendragon. *Laughs* What can really be said about you at this point that hasnt already been said before. The Machine, one of the greatest to grace a WWX ring, getting into the tag team mix with another person that I have an extensive history with. The two of you were a team at one point if I remember correctly. I find it funny that you and I are meeting again. Figuring that I have beat your wife two weeks in a row, its only fitting that I take her husband on this week. I have to ask though, what do you think you have to prove? Not only am I going to meet you in this match, but you also are in my other match, which I will get to later. Do you really have what it takes to go like that anymore? To think that the machine can still go is ridiculous. I have seen you in action and you just dont have it anymore “legend”. Maybe it is time to lace the boots up, hang them on the wall, and talk to the grandkids about the good ol days eh? 

[Rayne lets out a laugh as he takes a drink of his water and tosses it to the side].

Rayne: And then...then comes someone from the darkness that alot of people didnt even see coming. Damian Price. Tell me Damian, where did you go? Did you run out of people to follow? Did the “leaders” that you were always hanging around finally push you out enough to leave and not come back? Tell me, do you remember your prior fearless leader Euan Milton? *Laughs* Ah poor Euan. He tried so hard. He and his band of goons, along with you, tried so hard last time to stop my brothers and I when we first formed When Worlds Collide, and where did you end up? Ah, I remember. Flat on your backs left with nothing while we stood strong. I can assure you that history has a funny way of repeating itself, and this match will be no different. You want to take the time to get into the ring with your former partner, a shell of a man that he used to be? Consider your death warrant signed, sealed, and delivered. The tag team division needs a revitalization, and Fill and I will be the ones that deliver that to it. 

[Rayne walks over looking down into one of the holes in the floor. Blood can be seen on the concrete pad below as he begins speaking].

Rayne: We move to the Race for the case. The match that tons of people are lining up to be in because everyone wants that upper level, that advantage. They want the chance to have the choice of any championship that they want, anytime, anywhere. They can challenge to get into a match, at the end of a match when the champ is worn out, and take the belt that they want. It is a dream come true for any superstar that walks into the door. 

[He takes a deep breath as he continues looking down].

Rayne: There are five other men in this match with me. I have beaten most all of them, but there has been one that has eluded me to this point. One man that I have waited to get into the ring with for quite some time. A man that I have done battle with before, and he avenged the better man. That man is the reason that I am more than happy to be in this match. The reason that I am gearing up for two matches in one night. THE REASON THAT I CHOSE...this place...for my first promo. 

[The camera pans up as Rayne begins pacing around the room].

Rayne: June 19th 2013. Bloodshed. I was standing in this VERY building on this VERY floor awaiting what would become one of my most not only painful, but noteworthy matches to date. Two men were in this building with me. One of those men was nothing more a jobber, cannon fodder and a distraction for me from my real target. That poor soul was Cory Maddson. As you can see from the blood down there *points to the spot he was staring at* he would be the first to go. The champion at the time was none other than...Krimzon Blaze. Blaze and I had at a war of words with each other. We were put into this match to basically kill each other. I fought with all my heart, bloodied to the point of no longer standing, and pushed forward to try and beat him, but he simply wouldnt give up. 

[Rayne continues to stare down the hole in the floor as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Blaze, you are the first one that I speak of for two reasons. One being because none of the other men in this match mean more to me than beating you. None of them have more significance than coming out victorious over you. You are the one that I have not been able to step back into the ring with, the one that I have waited on for quite some time. This time around, there will be no escaping. This time around, i will reign victorious over you. Your Kode will fail this time, you will fall, and I will show you the wrath that has been built up for you all these years. 

[Rayne stops and stares into the camera, a pained look in his eyes].

Rayne: The rest of you dont really deserve a mention at this point in time. Nothing you have done to his point is notable to me. You want to me come out and remember your names? Make me want to do that. Make me bleed. Make me hurt. DESTROY ME! Because I can promise you this. Kurtis Ray, Jake Devine, Xavier Pendragon, and Super Bacon, you are all stepping into the ring with a monster. Most of you already know this because I have left you face down on the mat before. I dont need to be a hero anymore, I dont need to portray to be better than anyone else because I already know that I am. I am better than most of the damn talent that walks through this place, and its time for the king to return to his throne. This time around though, I am not asking or looking..I am taking. The king is back on his saddle, and hes bringing hell with him. Good luck. 

[Rayne stares into the camera and then turns around back to the city as the camera fades to black].

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