Back on my game

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Sat, Jul07, 2018 8:24am America/Phoenix
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Back on my game
[The camera shows up showing the outrage stage. The lights in the arena dim as a cross forms in the center of the stage. The heavy drums of "Lift me up" by Five Finger Death Punch begin blaring over the pa system. The voice can be heard as "I wont be broken, I wont be tortured, I wont be beaten down" are heard. The cross in the middle of the stage lights fire around it as a single light comes over it. The stage breaks away briefly as Rayne can be seen rising up through the stage in the crosses shape. The piece stands straight up as Rayne steps over the fire and heads towards the ring. He climbs up on the outside of the ropes and throws his arms out in a cross smashing his chest with hard right hands. The International championship shines in the light as he stares over the crowd].

Rayne: Now, before you all say anything, I have to come out here and speak my mind. I am sure that some of you are disappointed in the way Ive conducted myself, disappointed in the way I have been handling this championship reign. Ashamed that I continue to act like I dont care in title matches, gliding through like its not of any importance..and all are right!

[The fans boo loudly as he puts on a big smile].

Rayne: All of you want to act like you really care who is out here or not. I gave each and every one of you my all time...and time again. I busted my as* making sure that not only did I win, but I was putting on the best possible show that I could for each and every one of you. I supported you. I stood out in the elements after each f*cking show and signed your autographs, took your pictures, shook your hands, listened to your stories and for what?! WHAT?! To be left out in the dark when I needed people most? To be left hanging when I wanted someone around me to help bring me back to where I wanted to be. Frankly, I dont need any of you. I dont need any of you to support me because its all a facade. I stood around and acted like this was behavior of yours was okay. I was ashamed of myself for a brief moment because all I did before was talk about your beloved Syndicate and how he handled his reign, but I have outgrown this. 

[Rayne drops the mic for a moment as he adjusts the belt. He looks around at the fans and continues].

Rayne: I have outgrown this championship. I have outgrown you people. I have outgrown this division! I know that my ultimate goal is to climb the mountain again, get to the top and stare down once more at the peons below me. I am a shark, a superior hunter, and refuse to continue to let myself be placed in these mediocre matches that mean nothing to me. Now, you all came to see a show here tonight and thats exactly what you are all about to get. For weeks, I have been pitted against some of the worst talent this place has to offer. And just because I go into a match not caring, somehow you place a fat lard against the likes of me? A guy who can barely pass a drug test in the ring with me?! Well, let me lay this out for you. In just a few short hours, the bell is going to be ringing for our match to commence. In that time, I intend to show each and every person here what can truly happen to someone when they get into my path. I have beaten you before Tinordi and you know that. I have beaten you in tag action, I have beaten you in singles action, and for whatever reason, they think its a good idea for you to be subjected to another beating to where your brain cells can finally falter. 

[Rayne puts on a devilish smirk and and stares over the crowd. They chant "you tapped out" as he flips them all off and continues speaking].

Rayne: We move onto that other washed up has been that somehow continues to find his way into my title matches, Xavier Pendragon. Its been said not to beat a dead horse, but thats all that continues to happen to you. You continue to show up, and continue to get beaten. You have tried sending your family, your friends, the referees, your next door neighbors in the trailer court, and none of them have been able to stop me nor have they been able to help you win. I sat back and watched time and time again as your worthless as* continues to somehow weasel your way into here where you dont belong. Each time I think ive finally gotten rid of you, you somehow work your way back into it. This time, I will make sure that I dispatch you once and for all. 

[Rayne unstraps the title from his waist and throws it into the air. He looks over all the fans as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Chant what you want! Say what you will! The fact of the matter comes down to I am the champion. The fact of the matter comes down to I will retain this championship! THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS I...AM...RAYNE! AND EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL IT!

[Rayne throws the mic down and smiles as the fans continue to boo. He shakes his head in approval and waves his hand asking for them to get louder. The camera fades to black].

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