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On Tue, Dec19, 2017 9:15pm America/Phoenix
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(The camera clicks on to show a coffee table in front of a sofa. Christmas decorations are visible in the background, and quiet Christmas music can be heard playing from somewhere. After a moment, Kurtis Ray appears onscreen with a coffee mug in one hand and wearing a truly heinous Christmas sweater, the centerpiece of which is cream-colored text that says #delivered. Kurtis sets down in the chair, sipping from the mug.)

KURTIS: So here we are again. Almost time for Christmas, and it looks like my gift this year is a tag title match on Ravage. Me and Willie Steen are in the finals of James Bourne's grand experiment to revive a dying division by partnering people up at random.

(Kurtis shakes his head, loosing a sign and shifting the mug so he's holding it in both hands.)

KURTIS: Not only do I have to deal with a tag team partner who I don;t really mesh with, not only do I have to deal with a partner who is the king of phoning it in, I have to deal with the current TV champion, Kermit Cobain, and Krimzon Blaze. Couple of guys who are formidable on their own and, for their part, have found a way to function as a unit.

(Kurtis takes another drink from the mug, visibly enjoying the flavor of whatever he steaming liquid is within.)

KURTIS: I'm pretty sure my partner is a writeoff, so I gotta approach this like I'm fighting two men and, believe you me, that is something I am well versed in. Fozzy. Yes I know your name isn't Kermit. But I mean, come on. Fozzy Ozborne? Sam Crow? You guys scream Death Metal Muppet Show ripoff. Where are Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem? Or are you saving that for later?

(Kurtis snorts back laughter, pleased with his joke.)

KURTIS: Here's some facts, Fozzy. I looked you up and I learned some things. We have some commonality in our history. You paid your dues in the indies and came here. I spent a decade winning championships all over the world before I came here. You're TV champion, and there was a time not to long ago I was a TV champion, before I won the world title. You're challenging for the tag titles, and I'm a former tag team champion. As much as I wish I could say the commonality ends there, that would be inaccurate.

(Kurtis takes another drink from his mug, leaving the thought unfinished.)

KURTIS: If there is one man uniquely suited to being the person to win the tag team titles from you and Krimzon Blaze, it's the Hype Train. But I don't need the tag team titles; I got a much bigger ticket in mind. That said, on Ravage, you and Krimzon get the benefit of my attention, and I guarantee you, as you will learn in a couple of days that isn't something you really want. I may not be as invested in wining the straps as you are, but you better believe something. I am not a man who makes a habit of losing.

(Kurtis drains the last of whatever is in his mug, setting it on the table as he leans back into the couch.)

KURTIS: Krimzon, I know you'll come up with some of your usual nonsense and completely ignore the fact that in past encounters I've completely outclassed you. As it stands now, the important thing you boys need to know is this: I don't need Willie Steen to beat you. On Ravage I'll prove just that. All aboard.

(Kurtis reaches forward and with a clock the feed goes dead.)

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