Backed by Michigan

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Fri, May19, 2017 6:40pm America/Phoenix
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Backed by Michigan
???: The end of Pendragon? As in your Khoklov ending me? Do you know how many times countless people have said that and I always returned harder, better, faster, stronger?

Xavier is seen walking on a freeway. A "Welcome to Michigan" sign is seen as Xavier walks in front of it. Normal traffic continues to fly past Xavier.

XAVIER: See Khoklov, you and your "mouth" are making the exact same mistake that everyone else is making: you're underestimating me. Both my power and technical prowess are unmatched by anyone in the WWX. I am not one of the most decorated champions because it's catchy. I am a decorated champion because through thick and thin, I have delivered show after show, week in and week out. Several people have tried to "end me", only to fail miserably.

Xavier continues to walk forward. Camera pans behind Xavier to reveal that he's walking towards a Black Ford Mustang with tinted windows.

XAVIER: I know that Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota. Only reason why I said North Dakota to see if you two a$$-clowns were listening. Well, congratluations. At least you were listening and paying attention on that front. But here's what I dont get from you two. Why is it that just because Khoklov is taller and weights more than I do that he can automatically flatten me like a pancake or some other crazy crap like that? Let me break it down to you gents. "The Machine" is not just a name I call myself. I am "The Machine" because I AM a machine. Not just a machine. I am THE machine. You and your Russian mouthpiece can go on all day about how Americans are ungrateful of Russia all you want, but the fact remains is this: If you hate America as much as you say you do then why are you still here on US soil? Why were you slated to wrestle me on Mayhem Sunday, aside from the fact you were told that you were gonna wrestle me? If us Americans are that ungrateful to you and Khoklov, then hop back on a jet plane and head back to Russia where your own countrymen and countrywomen will hail you as a hero all day? Here in America, we get to cheer for whoever we want. You see that state sign behind me?

The camera pans back to the Michigan state sign, then back to Xavier.

XAVIER: Through thick and thin and through it all, the state of Michigan has been behind me, and they're going to be there in my corner when you and I get it on in the ring at Mayhem. Oh, one other thing. Khoklov, this message is directed at you, personally. I don't need someone else to speak for me, so why you need someone to talk for you is beyond me. See you Sunday.

Xavier then gets in the Black Mutang and drives off

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