Backstage Interaction

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Mon, Dec18, 2017 4:55pm America/Phoenix
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Backstage Interaction
A camera crew follows Fozzy Ozbourne and Sam Crow as they walk through the corridors of the backstage area. Is this at a house show or Ravage? Who knows and who cares but the pair walk with purpose as Fozzy starts talking.

FOZZY- Let me talk at ya for a second. Now I originally thought I had written off ol' KB. I thought he was going to make me carry the weight of this unlikely tag team. But after tonight I have to say I can't deny that he pulled his share of the weight and even scored the win for us. Now we are going to the finals against Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen with the tag titles at stake and I'm kind of excited to see what happens. I definitely haven't been all that nice to Krimson in the last couple weeks but despite that he has shown up and done what he needed to do. For that KB I salute you.

Fozzy quickly salutes the camera as both of them continue to walk the backstage area. The pair walk past WWX newcomer Jarvis Valentine as he and Fozzy make eye contact.

FOZZY- What are YOU looking at? Jerky!

Jarvis doesn't say a thing as Fozzy and Sam continue on.

FOZZY- I'm on the cusp of becoming the only double champion here in WWX today and within three months. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I am now going to butter up my partner Krimson Blaze and get him feeling good about this tag team. Granted we've barely had any conversations that ended well but that all changes now KB. You and me WE ARE going to be the bestest of friends. BFF's and things of this nature. I'm forcing my friendship on you like Harvey Weinstein forces young starlets to blow him for movie roles. 

Fozzy laughs out loud.

FOZZY- That wasn't creepy, was it? Haha I don't care. Now where the hell is this guy's dressing room.

Fozzy walks by one of the WWX producers.

FOZZY- Hey Jerky! Where is Krimson Blaze?

The producer shakes his head in annoyance and points the way to the locker room about 20 feet away.

FOZZY- Krimson if we are serious about making a run as tag team champions then we need to get on the same page and that's what I intend on doing now.

With that being said Fozzy quickly knocks on Krimson's locker room door and he and Sam walk in and close the door behind them as the scene fades.


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