Bacon on TV! (Redo)

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On Mon, Jul10, 2017 12:50am America/Phoenix
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Bacon on TV! (Redo)
(You can see Dave sitting in a chair in a restaurant, he is looking like he is waiting for someone. The camera turns to someone opening a door, the person coming in sits next to Dave. It's Jonathan Ross. Dave starts to speak with him).

Dave: Hi

Jonathon Ross: Hello

Dave: I am here to Discuss if my client ,Super Bacon, can come onto your chat show tomorrow. Because he has got his match against Hex Girl and he wants to talk about it to the world.

Ross: Yeah that would be great!

Dave: OK ummmm... I am gonna go tell him... See Ya!

(Dave walks out of the shop and walks into a beautiful field and Super Bacon is sat at the bank of a magnificent river he starts kicking at the water it ripples. The camera focuses on the water and you can see a ripply face of Dave in the water. He sits next to Bacon and they start chatting).

Dave: Hey Super Bacon... I have just met up with Jonathan Ross and we have arranged for you to go onto his chat tomorrow to talk about your math with hex girl.

Super Bacon: Cool! Thanks Dave 

(They lookup and move backwards. Dave grabs a remote out of his pocket and clicks a button a ladder shoots out of the sky. They climb up... When they are in the flying bacon they walk away.)

(The next day)

( Dave and Bacon walk out of the corridor and get a jetpack from the floor and fly down. They walk into the city and come up to a massive tower there is a security guard waiting at the door).

Security guard: Good Morning. What are you for?

Dave:For an interview with Jonathan Ross my client here is going to talk about his match on Friday.

(The guard looks at his clipboard and symbolises for them to follow him. They walk up the massive set of stairs and finally there is a sign saying Jonathan Ross on it they knock on the door and walk in you can see Ross  sitting on a chair and turns around).

Ross. Ahhhhh here you are. Sit down you two... (To the guard) Thanks Jim

(Jim walks out of the room and the cameramen come towards Ross)

Cameramen: On air in 3...2....1

(They give them a thumbs up)

Jonathan: Hello and welcome. Today as my guest I have Dave and Super Bacon. Today we are going to talk about his TV title match with Hex Girl. Now Bacon lets start with the first question. What type of training have you been doing for this match.

Bacon: Well I have been doing a lot of flips onto mats and my favourite one is when Dave holds a squishy target and I kick it over and over again until it can't anymore it is very good for my legs.

Jonathan: Wow that sounds tiring. Next is. What inspired you to become a wrestler?

Bacon: Well when I was younger I used to watch strong style wrestling I was really into it and I always wanted to be a wrestler so I went to different companies and eventually I came to WWX.

Jonathan Ross: Thank you. Next... How did you come to meet Dave.

Super Bacon: Well I was at this Wrestling show when I was free and he was backstage when I was and I overheard him say 'I wish I could manage a wrestler. So I went and talked to him and we became friends and so he managed me! Isn't that right Dave?

Dave: Yep Great day that was

Ross: Thank you. Now. What are your thoughts on Hex Girl?

Super Bacon: Ok..... I think that she is a good wrestler as she got the TV championship and has held it for quite a while. Her fighting style is decent but it isn't good enough I am more superior in wrestling.She has held it for long enough it's my time to shine!

Johnathan Ross: Thanks Bacon last question. How long do you think you will hold the championship for if you get it?

Bacon: I WILL be the longest reigning TV champion ever in the history of WWX and the greatest of all time!

Johnathan Ross: Wow that was a really powerful message... That brings us to the end of our show tonight thank you Super Bacon and thank you Dave.

Dave and Super Bacon: Thank you for bringing us on this show

Jonathan Ross: Ok. Anything you want to say before we go.

Bacon: Yes. Hex Girl... watch out because I'm taking that title from you and keeping it.

Jonathan Ross:  Thanks. Good Bye everyone. Next time we will be interviewing Gary Lineker about his Walkers crisps.

(The camera fades to black and cuts off).

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