Bacon 'Tagging' In

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Thu, Nov30, 2017 12:39pm America/Phoenix
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Bacon 'Tagging' In
(The cameras switch on).

(A New Power booms out of the Sound system, Super Bacon sprints onto the ramp he bends down and up again, fireworks spray out as he raises his hands up, he puts his hands down and sprints down in to the ring. He gets into the ring and bends down and gets back up raising his hands in the air).

SB: Now, as you all probably know Fill is not able to compete in this tag team tournament! Sooooo... I thought that I would talk to the GM's or whatever you call em, and now I'm taking Fill's place in the tournament.

(Cheers and Screams).

SB: Yeah yeah. The only thing that I'm worried about is this, I'm not sure if Rayne is gonna be happy with me  taking Fill's place. Now Rayne please don't get angry I wanted a chance to get in another big tournament and let you, Rayne, a chance to win this again. Now don't take this the wrong way, don't think that I'm saying you and fill couldn't take them on, I'm saying that I want you to not be elinated and let you and me win this tourney!

(Yeah you will chants start to kick in)

SB: Yeah! Now I want you all to cheer for me at my match against Milton OK!

(More cheers fill the arena).

(A new power begins to play. The crowd become confused)

(Dave now enters the arena. He struts along to the ring).

Dave: Super Bacon! Hello!

SB: Hullo Dave.

Dave: Hey WWX universe!

Crowd: Hey Dave!

Dave: Hehehe yeah! Now as you just heard my client Super Bacon will be taking Fills place in the tourney!


Dave: Fill I hope in what ever you are doing that it goes well. Fill and Rayne, don't worry my client is a very good replacement for you in this match. I hope you don't mind Super Bacon 'Tagging' along for this one!

(The crowd is silent)

SB: No just no ! That was completely and utterly disgraceful Dave! From all the puns you choose from you choose 'tagging along'.

Dave:Sorry everybody!

SB: Thanks for your time!

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