Bacons Cooking Show: Ep 3

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Sun, Apr22, 2018 12:33am America/Phoenix
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Bacons Cooking Show: Ep 3
(The scene is set in the same and familiar looking room. Its the Super Bacon cooking show room! It has the iconic neon sign and the same kitchen. Nothing has changed since the last episode. Nobody is stood in the kitchen yet. Apart from a few other camera men, obviously not working for the WWX. The camera turns around to see a door that suddenly opens and Super Bacon walks out of it).

SB: Oh hey... Sorry I can't talk to you right now... I'm about to go on air and I'm about... You know... Nervous.... Ok bye!

(Super Bacon then grabs a bit of bacon out of his pocket and begins to eat it. Suddenly not looking nervous).

SB: Ok thats better! Lets get this started. Ok count me in!

(The camera men raise 5 fingers)






SB: Hello and welcome to my cooking show! This is what episode 3?! Wow its been great series so far. So I guess you are all wondering who my first is today... Well he is in my elimination chamber match he hasn't said much yet and I am one of the only people who has beaten him... Yes its..... Jarvis Valentine! Wooooo! 

(Clapping sound effects begin to start)

Jarvis: (No Enthusiasm at all) Hey...

SB: Today he will be helping me cook the meal!

Jarvis: (Still no enthusiasm) Yes I will

(Jarvis frowns)

SB: Now Jarvis do you have any clue what we are cooking today?

Jarvis: (Sarcastic) I wonder.... Maybe Bacon?

SB: Yes!... But the I time in adding a twist because it is such a special episode, because you are here, I am gonna also add some egg!

Jarvis: (Sarcastic) Yipee.

SB: Now first we need to heat up the oven. Jarvis could you do that?

Jarvis: Of course.

(Jarvis reluctantly walks over to the oven and twists the heat spinner up to the right heat. He then walks back over to Bacon).

Jarvis: I didn't really want to do this, Super Bacon.

SB: (under his breath) Not now we are on air!

(SB Elbows Jarvis in the chest. Jarvis elbows him back. Bacon then hooks Jarvis round the head. Jarvis then hooks Bacon in the head. Bacon then insiguris Jarvis and Jarvis falls to the floor).

SB: Sorry about that.... Well I guess I will have to do this on my own! Now we are gonna grab some bacon and put it in the oven. Simple. 

(Bacon walks over to the fridge and grabs a pack of bacon. He walks over to the oven and opens the pack. He puts all of the bacon in the oven).

SB: There. We are not gonna do the eggs today as it isnt a special episode anymore.... This idiot decided to be annoying. Anyway while that is cooking lets talk about my upcoming match... I have already talked about DragonFly. Now lets talk about this man on the floor. Well I have one thing to say... This is what you will be in the chamber sprawled on the floor after one kick! See quick and easy speech right there. 

(Bacon walks over to the oven and flips the bacon over).

Bacon: Now lets talk about the champion Willie Steen. He is still the champion... And I'm gonna take it off of him. He is very experienced. But I am stronger, faster and better in every way. He is trying to keep his 'money maker's unharmed. He is never gonna earn any money from that face. I will kick and punch that face until the match is over. I dont care. You are trying to make it so I cant go 5 feet near you. I am gonna be no were near you. You stink! But dont think I won't vbe near you I am gonna knock you out of that match before you can cry out to your snobby lawyers.

(He goes up to the oven and puts on oven gloves. He pucks up the bacon and puts it on a plate he places the plate on a table and aots on a chair.  He begins to eat the delicious looking bacon).

SB: Now Scott Grayse hasnt said anything about me. He says he has held the championship before. I dont care old man. I don't care if you have had no championships or all of them 5 times... I dont care. It doesnt mean anything to me. The only thing that I care about is walking out of Armada as the TV Champion!

(He takes a whole bit of bacon puts it into his mouth and swallows).

SB: Next is Twist. He has won championships where ever he goes. And again I dont Care. So many people I havent faced in this match... In excited to see what you guys have. I will see you at Armada! Now thankyou everybody for watching. Happy cooking and God bless you my friends.

(The camera men stop the cameras)

Cameramen: Off air!

SB: Well that was fun! Can someone take this silly man off the set?!

(Cameras fade to black)

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